I couldn’t meditate in the house, I tried but the beach called.

It is 6.30am New Years Day and I have left my family sleeping. The sun, rising from the east in a bright blue cloudless Australian sky, blazes hot already. As I watch the waves peel off to the right, I ask the ocean what I want this year. Feeling the opportunity of 2019, only six and a half hours new, I can’t think of what I want. “Who do I want to be this year?” Still, there is nothing. I realise that I already have everything that I want and need. It exists in physical form, or if something new is coming, it will involve no work because life has become so easy. I’m feeling free. I only want what I already have in my heart, and I want it to blossom even more. It wasn’t always this way, and I realise that this is the year of manifestation for me.

Meditate to Manifest

For many years my mornings were met with meditation, as were my afternoons. I could sit for hours just watching my thoughts race, flow, organise and dissolve. Sometimes it was like reading an interesting book for the first time. Other times I would receive downloads of information that I could turn into wisdom. On some occasions I would rid my body of toxic experiences that had become lodged. Sometimes thoughts would burst forth as experiences that I would learn from. Never did I use this time to consciously ‘think’ and never did I hold onto what I discovered. I didn’t do it because I wanted to manifest anything in particular. I simply gained access to wisdom from what felt like a direct plugging into universal intelligence.

A Natural Part of Life

As I worked hard, meditation was sometimes a place of peaceful rest. For several years my meditations were powerful and I would sit for hours on end plugged into this source of energy that I had discovered. I was blessed with good things, the things that made me happy, but they came, went and returned again easily.

It was the gritty stuff that knocked me down. This was the stuff I’d need to process. As I constantly and consistently processed negative experiences through daily meditation, it never had time to settle in my life. The stuff that came up from beneath the surface, I purged on on a daily basis and never held onto again.

Then came a strange occurrence that no one had ever told me about. My meditations became empty and blank. My mind was still, but rather than bliss, I felt a completion. There was nothing gritty rising up from within to process. I was urged to get moving and to live my life. This was where the bliss now existed.  Big chunks of my day, previously reserved for me to be still, opened up for me to do as I chose. Big chunks in my mind opened up and welcomed dreams, fantasies and desires that were easily achievable and would appear in my life almost instantly.

Time to Surrender

And as I sit this morning, on this beach, in the first few hours of 2019, I realise that I have done all I need to do for now. It is time to surrender the meditations, the work, the desires and the fantasies and allow them to fully arrive, solidify and grow in my life as physical things and tangible experiences. Life flows easily the days, and I feel no need to work hard for anything right now. All I want, is to do the best that i can, be the best that I am, the woman that I have become. Do as I already do, the things which make me happy, content and alive. When it’s time to receive, you only want what is already there.

My 2019 Note to You

To my yoga class attendees. I am willing, ready and able, to hold space for you to practice yoga, maintain your health, learn, grow and repair.

For the teachers who choose my studio to weave their magic. I love to be near you, present, respectful & grateful for your unwavering commitment and talent.

For my customers. I enjoy hearing your needs & feedback. I take delight in providing a high vibrational space, and being personally available to get to know you when possible.

For my blood. I continue to embody unconditionally the traits, talents and virtues that were given to me from birth, I am accepting of some things and proud of others.

For my friends. You make life fun and interesting, as you shine new opportunity for growth and reward that I have found and connected with along this life path.

To my lover, partner and friend. You I have chosen, to mirror my soul and I will always mirror yours (whether you like it or not). I will remain your lover, partner and friend in body and spirit as long as our relationship continues.

To my life. thank you for the times I thought it was all too difficult, because now life seems so easy. Thank you for every challenge that came my way because now I am strong. Thank you for the blessings, people and experiences that have made me realise I’ve done some things really freakin right.

Be Patient

I have experienced sadness. I meditated on it. I’ve experienced fear, I meditated on it. I’ve experienced rage, I meditated on it. I never created from these states.

I have experienced boredom and disinterest, I waited in the nothing… something was coming.

Here I now sit, my body brimming with the good stuff, the bliss, peace, confidence, enthusiasm & wisdom. It rises from within, and I see it occurring naturally in my world. Here I now am, in what seems to be the year of manifestation. The work is done, all there is left to do is be absolutely present so that I can see and experiences how these states are showing up in my life.

To 2019, please bestow love on all, and I am sure that I speak for many when I say, there is magic in this world.