Anne-Marie Nadeau

Anne-Marie Nadeau is our scheduling and hiring manager. She has an outgoing, bubbly personality and finds solace and refuge in daily yoga and meditation.

About Anne-Marie Nadeau

Yoga Sanctuary scheduling and hiring manager Anne-Marie Nadeau is originally from Canada and has been a passionate yoga student for over seven years.

Her love for Vinyasa brought her and her family to Auckland to complete her 200 hour yoga teacher training. With her passion further ignited she did more training with Donna Farhi, Sarah Powers, Tiffany Cruikshank and Duncan Peak.

She finds solace and refuge within her daily yoga and meditation practice. Yoga brings balance and harmony to her otherwise very full life with a young family. Coming to her mat at Yoga Sanctuary she found her slice of heaven and it quickly became her second home.

Anne Marie has an outgoing, bubbly personality that shines through in everything she puts her hand to. She also has a strong sense of business after being an owner/operator for ten years with hands on experience managing numerous staff in both restaurant and events.

Her strength is her personal approach to creating a stable and enjoyable work environment for the people around her. She is very honoured to be part of such an incredible team and enjoys creating future growth in Yoga Sanctuary.

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