Denise Ferguson, antioxidantsYou know about toxins. They’re those nasties that create free radicals which break down the healthy cells in our bodies. I’m in love with antioxidants, from my daily Co-Enzyme-Q10 (get the ubiquinol variety & eat it with healthy fats like nuts or an avocado), to my regular Vitamin C. Whether supplements actually help, we don’t really know, but I include them with my veggies every single day.

Antioxidants Inside our Cells

Did you know that our cells actually create their own antioxidants? Made up of enzymes inside our cells, this free radical neutraliser is called Glutathione. With sufficient levels of Vitamin C outside our cells and Glutathione inside, a healthy body can fight off free radicals.

We fight off free radicals when an oxidised (positively charged) cell is neutralised by adding negatively charged electrons to it. Want to find out how to get your hands on some electrons? Well, you’ll find them in things which are high in life force. Basically, eat more plants and do more yoga. Eating high quality, fresh plant based foods that are rich in life-force will introduce more electrons to your cells. Ensure that you eat your veggies fresh. If they have gone limp in the bottom of the veggie crisper, they’ve begun to oxidise and they are short on electrons. When they are crispy and bright, they’re bursting with those negatively charged suckers and you want to get them in ya. Nuts, seeds and oils also oxidise, so buy them raw and in small amounts. That way, by the time they get in your belly they are still high in life force.

Can you take glutathione as a supplement or get it in your food? You can but it’s not readily absorbed into your body, so you’re better off starting from the inside out. Yoga is an excellent way to increase the level of electrons. We call it Prana and it is a vital building block to production of glutathione inside our cells.

How Yoga Raises Glutathione Levels

In the constant combat of toxins that we are exposed to every day, we can boost our levels of glutathione. Practicing yoga, meditation and breathing can even lower levels of oxidisation more than partaking in exercise alone.

Studies have compared regular exercise such as weight training and cardiovascular activity to yoga and while both increased antioxidant levels, yoga increased it much more. In some cases up to twice as much! Too much exercise can actually increase free radicals in the body (possibly due to an increase in stress levels or too much oxidisation from the production of energy). In a well balanced yoga class, we focus very much on the flow of life force (prana) through our bodies. This combination of deep breathing to transfer life force through the body, meditation to induce higher levels of calm, and physical activity to get the heart pumping gives it the thumbs up when it comes to detoxification.

I find it incredibly empowering to know that through my own lifestyle I can boost antioxidant levels in my body. Most of us agree that it’s good to partake in yoga regularly but it is also a way of life. So eat your veggies fresh and match some conscious movement with slow deep breathing every day. Also take regular moments of meditative pause whenever you can. This is a simple and surefire way to help you stay youthful, vibrant and healthy.