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Workshop Series with Perry MacDonald

Ayurveda and Yoga are sister sciences evolving from the same Vedic era. These sciences compliment each other and have much to offer modern medicine. Ayurveda Auckland offers a holistic approach that considers mind-body-spirit and the treatment strategy needs to address these levels of being.

Perry is in a good position to pass on some Ayurveda expertise with 15 years clinical experience and a lifetime involved in health.

Will You Benefit From This Course?

Health professionals and anyone interested in participating in their own health will benefit. – (so, yes, you will benefit!)

Rejuvenation Practises

Saturday, 1 – 3pm, 13 June, 2020, $55

It is what we do everyday, not occasionally, that makes us what we become. Health depends on many aspects, as does the treatments that we use to restore it. In this session we will learn some well trusted daily and seasonal rituals.

  • Daily routines – what can we do to keep our unique constitution balanced daily.
  • Seasonal junctions – moving into the Autumn/winter season.
  • Immunity and how we can enhance this through simple practises.
  • The 5 senses and the big part they play in healing.

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Ayurveda AucklandAbout Perry MacDonald

Perry MacDonald works with the principles of Ayurveda Auckland, always with the intention of promoting healing, balance, harmony and peace.

With many years of experience in health, she constantly studies to keep up with new research and trends. She brings her wisdom to each consultation, but also her extensive knowledge of natural therapies.

Initially graduating with a science degree, majoring in biochemistry and microbiology, She then studied Naturopathy at the South Pacific College of Natural Therapeutics and graduated with a Naturopath Diploma in 1984.

“Perry McDonald is a talented teacher; she is passionate about helping people through yoga and through her huge depth of Ayurvedic knowledge. She is very perceptive, wise and thoughtful and is a living example of her teachings. Perry is a gift to us all.” – J Revell

After having children and working in Human Resources, Perry went back to study full-time and after 3 years completed a Diploma of Ayurvedic Medicine. (The Ayurveda Medicine diploma is a three-year full-time government recognized qualification that follows the BAMS syllabus and is internationally acknowledged as the most authentic Ayurveda program outside of India).

She has been practising in Ayurveda Auckland for 10 years, incorporating her knowledge of Ayurveda and naturopathy, providing a well-rounded approach to health care.

Perry MacDonald was well known as an Ayurveda practitioner before I met her and since then during a period of ill health I had help from her in that capacity. She is so kind and helpful with a range of natural treatments and helpful living advice.  She radiates kindness and love.  I know she has helped so many other people as she has me. Perry is an inspiration!”  Lorna Laurenson

All through this period, Perry practised Yoga and attended courses with well -known names such as Judith Lassiter, Donna Farhi, Glenn Ceresoli and others. She is formally qualified specialising in Yoga Therapy RTY 500 hours. She has been teaching Yoga now for over 10 years and this complements all that she offers.

Perry’s aim is to deliver the essence of Ayurveda lifestyle, naturopathic and yogic practices to the best of my ability. I believe I bring a pragmatic approach tempered with my love for helping people thrive (not just survive).