Change Your BehaviourEver wanted to change your body, health or behaviour without success? Do you believe that due to genetics or common belief, some illnesses, physical deterioration or injuries are inevitable and irreparable? By understanding the meeting point of yoga, meditation & brain science you can change, repair, or reinvent your body and your life.

The Brain

When we repeat behaviour, we automatically wire our brain by connected pathways of cells and chemicals which we experience as thoughts. It was once believed that these pathways were permanent, but this is now known to be untrue.  In order for change to occur, we need to rewire our brains by disconnecting an old pathway before we can instruct it to form a new one. The way we do this is to stop charging it with emotion or an associated behaviour.

Once disconnected, the thought stops being an experience & the pathway dies. We next lay down a new path (new thought), plug it in and charge it up with a new emotion or associated behaviour & voila! Change occurs.

  1. Disconnect old thought (neural / chemical pathway) by removing the charge;
  2. Create new pathway by choosing a new thought;
  3. Connect it by charging it with energy through new behaviour & emotion;
  4. Repeat the process at least once a day until it becomes an experience that is automatically wired in your brain;
  5. This felt experience will begin to show as improvements & changes in your body and your life.

Why do we Fail?

The reason why we sometimes fail is that we may miss a step. Thoughts, emotions & behaviours must be disconnected from one another and reconnected to new paths for permanent change in the brain & body to occur. With enough repetition, the brain will follow the body and the body will follow the brain. Emotions are the energy that light it all up and they must be real and natural. Ironically, this happens when you are not thinking, so you need to have moments of both self study and surrender. This stuff has to be so true to you, so real and feel so natural that no one (not the ‘experts’, not the negative influences) can talk you out of it.

My Brain / Body Bible

  1. I never focus on, hold onto or resist experiences or people that don’t feel good to me;
  2. I feel, express, embrace & accept all negative emotions, feelings, experiences and people and let them move though me & out again. If they don’t go easily (ie get stuck), remove them or move away from them with greater effort.

I do numbers 1 & 2 through yoga and meditation. Meditation helps me to get quiet, sit with all experiences, increase discipline and connect to a source of energy greater than my conscious mind.  Yoga helps me to transfer that energy throughout my body.

  1. Have enjoyable experiences every single day in the form of activities which elicit positive emotions such as humour, love, excitement, happiness & health.
  2. Live life fully without overthinking. Express & embrace everything that feels good without regret.

The Body 

Once a pathway is formed in the brain and charged with the energy of our emotions and our day to day activity, the body naturally becomes a perfect match to this. When our brain and body is in perfect harmony, our body is instructed by these pathways of cells and chemicals all firing and moving through our brain. When our bodies repeat experiences with certain behaviour, it subsequently helps to strengthen and hardwire the pathway in the brain.

How I Began to Heal

When I was younger and suffering with anxiety, I could not stop timers (on the microwave or the treadmill for example) on an odd number, nor could I hang clothes on the line without perfectly matching style or colour of pegs. I just couldn’t do it! This was an unnecessary behaviour and I had to redirect my brain to tell my body that this was so. I also had to feel the emotion (anxiety) that I was suppressing by keeping numbers and pegs even. Once I let that anxiety flow through my body, stopped the behaviour associated with suppressing that flow, I then chose a new emotion and thought to redirect my behaviour.

You. Can. Do. It.

Yes, it can be done. Use your strength, dedication, an understanding of your behaviour, your emotions and a little know-how. Good luck in living your best life ever.