Dani RamaekersDani Ramaekers

Dani completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Somachi Yoga, a dynamic mix of Vinyasa, Tai Chi and Dance. She has been proud to serve as an Ambassador for Lululemon New Zealand. Dani has also collaborated with Viva, TVNZ, Huckleberrys Whole Foods (yum) and Little Bird Organics (double yum).

Yoga with Dani Ramaekers

Enjoy classes which are a blend of safe alignment and creative sequencing, with a naturopathic twist. She encourages students to enjoy working with their bodies to build strength, develop flexibility and speed up the healing and rehabilitation process.

Her love of yoga was taken to the next level when she moved from Barcelona to Melbourne in 2008. She was inspired to learn more about the human body (our most precious asset). Returning home to New Zealand soon after, she completed a Bachelor of Naturopathic and Herbal Medicine (BNatMed).

Since then, Dani has taught yoga in studios, at the workplace, for organised events, and to private clients, in the comfort of their own homes.

About Dani Ramaekers

When Dani’s not teaching, she’s writing. About life on the mat, and the adventures off it. She loves the beach, the outdoors, and doing yoga in the sun to good music. A healthy sense of curiosity inspires her to explore her own practice, develop her teaching and keep putting pen to paper. She does this by traveling to new places, learning new ideas and attending regular workshops and events run by interesting people.

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