juan diazJuan Diaz

Juan Diaz is deeply curious about ancient techniques that give a deeper understanding of existence adn the self. He is a vinyasa and yin yoga instructor.

About Juan Diaz

Ever since he was very young, Juan has had a deep curiosity for ancient techniques that help gain a deeper understanding of existence.

As a teenager he found Yoga and felt the depth of this practice. He realised that through movement, breath awareness and meditation, he would be guided further into this exploration of the self.

He has now practiced for over 10 years with different teachers internationally and is constantly developing intuitive, fun and strong practices.

” I love the studio size, easy payment and Juan is the best yoga teacher I’ve had.” Kent

Yoga with Juan Diaz

Juan likes to integrate in his teaching, ancient and modern philosophy which creates space and connections within the body, mind.

Juan’s style of teaching is dynamic, challenging and fun. He also emphasises proper alignment by guiding you to a safe space so that your body can express its own unique way of embodying the posture.

You will be flowing through postures, integrating your breath with movement, and helping the mind to reach stillness. This will take you deeper into the practice.

Juan ends his classes with a guided meditation and relaxation, accompanied by the sound of his flutes or voice making the class a holistic experience for your entire being.

Find a class with Juan

Tuesday 5.30 – 6.45pm Vinyasa 2
Tuesday 7 – 8.15pm Vinyasa 1
Saturday 9am – 10.45am Yin
Saturday 10.30 – 11.45am Vinyasa 2

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juan diaz