Kids Yoga 7-12 years

Kids Yoga! Welcome to 2019. The year of Meditation. Our kids yoga classes are movement-based, teaching them to integrate breathing, moving, meditation and relaxation. Yoga for children & teens.

Welcome to Kids Yoga – Term 4.

Mondays, 14 October – 9 December, 2019
No class Labour Day

Week 1

Let’s explore our Solar System.  Enjoy long held YIN poses as we read over facts about our outer world.  Then put on your astronaut suit as we zoom from planet to planet through a VINYASA flow … bringing us to SAVASANA where we can be in our own inner galaxy peacefully.

Week 2

Through VINYASA flow we will transport ourselves to the Amazon Jungle! and become everything there … an ancient tree, a macaw, an otter, a jaguar, an orangutan!  We will find our sloth in our long held YIN shapes. In SAVASANA we will wish for all beings to be happy and free.

Week 3

Let’s open our rivers of inner flow by diving into our inner ocean through dynamic VINYASA flows.  We will find our YIN in turtle, shark and seaweed poses. Together we will discuss how we can protect the ocean and all living things in it.  Also! How can we breathe like a whale?

Week 4

Through a VINYASA flow that involves strengthening and balancing how can we be super duper kind and patient with ourselves?  How can we be super duper kind to others? We will partner up for YIN yoga and create a human mandala of kindness.

Week 5

Gratitude is the secret to having it all … let’s each write down a mega list of all that we are grateful for!  Bringing that as our focus through fun heart opening VINYASA flows and quieting it down with YIN and SAVASANA

Week 6

Feelings.  How can we deal with tough feelings?  How can we learn the art of “letting go, moving on”?  Together we will discuss this, there will be a story reading time reflecting this.  A shaking off with free movement, handstand practice, finding our inner flow and our inner lion!  A YIN practice reflecting how beautiful and perfect we are. 

Week 7

Let’s play games!  Yoga games! Yoga statues, rock tree mountain, cross the river of lava, where’s my mama bird, who has the crystal?, duck duck yogi!  Completing our practice with Yoga Nidra.

Week 8

Chocolate meditation.  Yogis obstacle course. Human mandala reflecting our appreciation of Mother Earth, touching in on less consumerism…


“Best yoga with spiritual music and meditation experience I have had. Amazing teachers. Thank You!” James

Spaces limited

$120 for eight week course
$20 drop-in (subject to availability)


“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

Yoga for Teens 13-15 years

We are so excited to see our Teen Yoga classes grow! In 2019, meditation will feature each time we are together, increasing the length of meditation as the course proceeds.

Welcome to Yoga for Teens – Term 4.

Wednesdsays, 16 October – 4 December, 2019

“My daughter has been coming to the teens yoga session and loves it” Ava

Spaces limited

$120 for eight week course
$20 drop-in (subject to availability)