Kundalini Yoga Auckland

Our Kundalini Yoga Auckland classes use breathing techniques, movement, chanting & meditation to balance the body, relieve anxiety & tension, calm the mind.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Vivian’s Kundalini class last night – she is a beautiful and passionate teacher. ” Erica

Increase your energy and clear your mind

Kundalini Yoga Auckland, a style of yoga that involves powerful breathing techniques, movement and chanting.

The result of this will be balance and healing of the body as well as relief from anxiety and tension. Every class will also include meditation which will calm and focus the mind.

We will be introducing new classes in 2019 with a focus on detoxification to create a more radiant body and powerful life.

Read this blog post about anxiety, depression & kundalini yoga.

Kriya on Thursdays

Held on Thursdays from 5.30 – 6.45pm, each week the class is themed around a different Kriya. Read more about Kriya on Yogapedia here.

“A warm and vibrant environment.” Chantelle

Try Kundalini Yoga this Thursday with an intro offer.


kundalini yoga Vivian Medina

Vivian Medina, kundalini yoga Auckland teacher

Vivian Medina is Yoga Sanctuary’s one and only kundalini yoga teacher. With a magnetic presence, she guides her students through a physical and emotional cleansing practice. This practice includes chanting, breathing, energising movement and meditation.

“Vivian’s style of yoga is unique to Yoga Sanctuary. Four of our curious teachers trialled Vivian’s instruction and were impressed by her delivery, presence and the way it made us feel.”

We now encourage you to experience the powerful practice led by this amazingly talented teacher.