Labyrinth Meditation

Cultivating Self-Compassion

6:30-8:30pm, Sunday October 13

Labyrinth Meditation journeys through the simple spiralling pathway of the ancient labyrinth; release doubts, receive inspiration and return with the wisdom that already lies within you. This evening of meditative music and movement though the labyrinth will focus on guiding you towards bringing self-compassion into your life. For when we care for self deeply, that love flows outwards to others in our lives. The labyrinth speaks to everyone who walks it, come and discover this ancient spiritual tool of reflection. Experience an evening of stillness and peace that you will likely remember forever. The melodious sounds of the unique handpan will accompany the workshop.

About Sarayu

saraya labyrinth meditation teacherSarayu Lyn is a V.I.A. Certified Veriditas (World Wide Labyrinth Organization) Facilitator, RYT, Spiritual Life Guide, Transformation Meditation Teacher & a catalyst for Authentic Living. Inspired to live her yoga, she is led by the breath, creative practices, yogic principles, spirit and a very deep connection to nature. It is her vision that anyone can find the balance within by being open & true to what moves their soul. Her passion for the ancient pathway of the labyrinth resonates within her work.
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