I had a seriously interesting bodywork treatment a few weeks ago – recommended by fellow Yoga Sanctuary yogi Juan. I booked in to get Bowen Therapy on my back, which had been bothering me all year. Chiropractic, acupuncture and rest hadn’t worked so I was still searching for an answer. After the first treatment I noticed a huge reduction in pain when I taught yoga. During the second session my therapist was strongly drawn towards doing energy work on my solar plexus. I gave her full permission to ‘get a bit weird’ and she let loose on my Manipura Chakra. I was left with another gigantic improvement in my sore back and more doors opened to improve my all over health.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra resides in our solar plexus and is called Manipura. It is symbolised by a yellow flower with ten petals and relates to our assertiveness in the world. The pain in my vertebrae had been on the thoracic spine directly behind the solar plexus. The chakra and everything relating to it resonated in so many areas of my life. I realised that the mind / body / spiritual connection could be studied as a cross section of our being in order to heal. Here’s what I mean.

The Gut and the Liver

I had a look into the Manipura Chakra and what it related to physically. The gut, digestive issues, the pancreas and liver are all related to the solar plexus chakra.

I decided that I’d continue on with the milk thistle that I had been taking for liver health since drastically reducing my intake of alcohol. Due to having Coeliac’s Disease, it was also time to be a bit more vigilant on the gut health that my body requires.

I had never imagined that taking better care of my liver and gut could be even remotely related to my thoracic spine.

Pitta Constitution

The Manipura Chakra is also strongly related to the Ayurvedic constitution Pitta. Pitta relates to ambition and the desire to learn, grow and rise to the top. If either Manipura or Pitta are over active within you, you may become aggressive, egotistic, and over-competitive.

Balancing out both Pitta and Manipura involve keeping a fire in your belly that is warm enough to digest your foods without being so hot that it makes you boil with rage. Rage and liver damage go hand in hand.

If you need to cool the fire, you can do so with foods, yoga, lifestyle or meditation but make sure that you don’t cool it so much that your fire goes out. If you do so you may become powerless and lethargic.

I find it interesting that balancing the fire in both our Solar Plexus Chakra and our Pitta Constitution can help in more ways than one. You may address your anger in order to repair your liver, and therefore cool a raging Pitta heat. Or you could aid liver regeneration which could temper your anger and help Manipura burn a little more evenly.

Is all of this contributing to the unexplained pain in my spine?

The Thoracic Spine (mid back)

An unexplained pain on a vertebrae on my spine delivered me to a Bowen Therapist. The thoracic sits in a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional centre that is grouped with many other things. Whether it is fluff or fact I do not know, but what I do know is that everything is connected.

In order to achieve complete homeostasis, we need to ensure that there are no weak links in our body. That means being curious about the physical, emotional, energetic and lifestyle facets of who we are. I may have thought that piling some crystals on my solar plexus in order to heal my back was fluff, but the fact is that my spine felt noticeably better for the first time in five months.

As I aid in liver regeneration, repair my gut, balance my pitta and stoke my ego centre, I hope that my spine will continue to heal.