A Monthly Mini-Retreat – RECONNECT

Monthly Mini-Retreat – Reconnect to you

On the first Saturday of every month, Sarah Hon will hold a mini-retreat for three hours of your afternoon. This will be the perfect opportunity to gather in Community to pause, check-in and dive deep into the practices of yoga. In this we will reconnect with our deepest nature.

Join us for this beautiful exploration of what it truly is to be YOU – in movement, meditation, breathwork, philosophy, and community.

Saturdays from 12 – 3pm

$65 single retreat | $50 six month members & contract holders

4 July, 2020 – waitlist

1 August, 2020 – filling

5 September, 2020

10 October, 2020

7 November, 2020


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About Sarah

Sarah is here to guide you home to a deep and profound connection with yourself. Her 20+ years of dedicated yoga, meditation and spiritual practice have all led her on an inexorable path towards this calling. One of her deepest joys in this life is to create a safe and sacred space for you to drop into that part of you that has always been there, calling you home: your Essence Nature.

In these spaces that Sarah creates, you will invite yourself into a deep, soulful practice that includes movement – flow, somatics, embodiment – and stillness – breath work, meditation, and simply sitting in your Essence Nature. All of this is woven within the perfect container of Classical, Tantrik non-dual philosophy.

Sarah has studied and practised yoga and across a vast range of traditions and lineages, and with many luminous yoga teachers. She has trained formally with a number of international yoga schools. Her daily meditation practice is the cornerstone of her home life, with her wonderful husband and two small, exuberant humans. Sarah’s dream is of a global Tribe of awakening beings – living, loving and flowing radiantly through this human experience.