ReConnect with Sarah Hon

sunset platform mini retreatAwaiting new dates

ReConnect is an opportunity for us to come together in like-hearted community. To move, breathe and practise together. To See and Be Seen. To support and be supported.

ReConnect is a space to remind ourselves and each other of what really matters. It’s our monthly dose of yogic wisdom. It’s our deep, sacred space to move together, breathe together, and drop into stillness together. It’s a Mini-Retreat in the true sense of the word – an opportunity to step back, check-in with ourselves, and return refreshed and reconnected.

“For a long time, I have wanted to create an offering like this. Many of you are keen to regularly dive into something deeper than your regular yoga classes, without the bigger commitment of an Immersion or Training. This is why I’ve created ReConnect. I really hope you’ll join our beautiful tribe of embodied truth-seekers for one or more of these offerings. Until we meet in person, much love, Sarah”

A Monthly Mini-Retreat

The ReConnect monthly mini-retreats are an opportunity to step into a new way of seeing and being each month. Are you ready to take your yoga practice to the next level? Here at the Yoga Sanctuary, we’re creating space for you to do just that in a monthly Mini-Retreat.

Awaiting new dates

For these session we will come together to explore how the teachings of Classical Tantra can enrich our everyday lives, bringing us home to ourselves and enabling us to take our yoga off the mat and into our day-to-day. We’ll have a sharing circle, an Embodied Flow movement practice, meditation, journalling and more – all woven into a delicious three hour mini-retreat.
Join us for this beautiful exploration of what it truly is to be YOU – in movement, meditation, breath work, philosophy, and community.

Contact Sarah for more information, or to book.

$65 in-person | $50 online (via Zoom) or YS members

About Sarah

sarah honSarah is here to guide you home to a deep and profound connection with yourself. Her 20+ years of dedicated yoga, meditation and spiritual practice have all led her on an inexorable path towards this calling. One of her deepest joys in this life is to create a safe and sacred space for you to drop into that part of you that has always been there, calling you home: your Essence Nature.

In these spaces that Sarah creates, you will invite yourself into a deep, soulful practice that includes movement – flow, somatics, embodiment – and stillness – breath work, meditation, and simply sitting in your Essence Nature. All of this is woven within the perfect container of Classical, Tantrik non-dual philosophy.