Sheryl Campbell

sheryl campbellSheryl Campbell has two overriding passions in life: children and yoga! She runs our Yoga for Kids program using themes and yoga games to fully engage them as well as teaches yin and restorative yoga.

Yoga with Sheryl Campbell

Sheryl loves combining her two passions, children and yoga. Her wish in her kids yoga classes is for the children to have fun. Through themes and yoga games the kids break, move and always at the end of the session, sit in a spacious quietness. This is where the magic is.

“We take the yin class with Sheryl and love her style. Great stretching and very soft voice and manner. Love her class and would highly recommend” Jenni

About Sheryl Campbell

Sheryl was one of those girls who loved being a mummy to her dolls. Feeding them flower petal stew from the garden, clothing, cradling, hugging them and putting them to sleep lovingly was all a part of the fun. Then, while they were sleeping she would hand wash their clothes.

Other times she was the child wit the voice of reason sorting out neighbourhood squabbles. She also could be found swimming in the pool for hours. She always loved that stillness, quietness you here and feel when you are under the water.

These natural childhood traits have followed her into adulthood. Also, living by the sea has been a necessity for her. Caring and looking after people is and has been a strong part of me. It’s no surprise that she chose to do this as a career in life.

She’s been looking after children as a Nanny and qualified Early Childhood Educator for just as long as she’s been practising yoga – over 25 years. Yoga has given her strength in challenging situations, solace in others, but most of all it has shown her an infinite source of love, peace and wisdom that resides in her.

She believes that everyone, with practice, can tap into this at any time. Her practice greatly depend when she attended the Wow Teaching Training Course in 2016.

After being a Yoga Sanctuary student for over 10 years she is delighted to now be part of the team as the Kids Yoga teacher, as well as yin yoga and restorative teacher.

Looking after children for a career has allowed her to grow in patience, acceptance and kindness. It has given her the freedom to travel the world and to be a kid herself. Children are all so different and wonderful and it is their right to shine bright in their own light and it is her contribution to our world to encourage this in all children around her.

Finding an awesome Yoga teacher for children is never easy, but Sheryl really does excel. The weekly sessions continue to be a rewarding activity for both my young girls and the sessions are helping them greatly – especially since one of my daughters has difficulties with her mobility. Sheryl has devised a structured exercise programme to meet her needs and it is a joy to see how her flexibility and strength continues to improve.

Both the girls find the sessions great fun, without even realising how beneficial it is for them, both physically and mentally. Thanks to Sheryl, they are now even venturing towards kids meditation!

Sheryl is truly dedicated to her students and has a perfect calm and relaxing manner.
I really appreciate everything that Sheryl has done and her continuing support.
Without any hesitation whatsoever, I would absolutely endorse Sheryl and cannot recommend her highly enough.

A true inspiration … Namaste. Andrea L

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Saturday 4 – 5.15pm Restorative
Yoga for Kids & Teens

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