Stepping Into Flow
with Sarah Hon & Brendon Sakey

Saturdays in 2023 12 – 3pm

You’ve been practising yoga for a while, and you love the way you feel when you are in class, or on your mat – vibrant, alive, in the flow. Then you step back into “real” life, and suddenly you’re back in the chaos, the overwhelm, or the stuck-ness. Does it have to be this way? Or is there a way for Life to meet you in your yoga?

Classical Tantra was the first yoga tradition designed specifically for householders (rather than renunciates /monastics). The teachings and practices of this tradition are designed to help you Wake Up to the truth of your innate divinity. They can assist you in living and experiencing that truth, in this very lifetime, and in the day-to-day reality of your life.

In this workshop, Sarah and Brendon will use the tools of Classical Tantrik yoga, alongside their own experience in life, practice and relationship, to invite you Into The Flow of your life. You’ll practice dropping into the flow state with movement and meditation, and learn about conscious communication and agreements, and how to Be in the moments of you day (rather than just getting through the to-do list).

Join us for this exploration of how you can step into the flow of your life.

$65 in-person | $50 online (via Zoom) or YS members.

Contact for more information, or to book.

$65 in-person | $50 online (via Zoom) or YS members.

About Sarah

ReConnectSarah is here to guide you home to a deep and profound connection with yourself. Her 20+ years of dedicated yoga, meditation and spiritual practice have all led her on an inexorable path towards this calling. One of her deepest joys in this life is to create a safe and sacred space for you to drop into that part of you that has always been there, calling you home: your Essence Nature.
In these spaces that Sarah creates, you will invite yourself into a deep, soulful practice that includes movement – flow, somatics, embodiment – and stillness – breath work, meditation, and simply sitting in your Essence Nature. All of this is woven within the perfect container of Classical, Tantrik non-dual philosophy.
Sarah also runs the monthly ReConnect mini-retreats at Yoga Sanctuary.

About Brendon

brendanBrendon has trained in an integral style of yoga and has experience teaching yoga on workshops, retreats, workplaces, in prison and in healthcare settings, such as, palliative care and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Brendon is also a registered clinical social worker, with experience working in mental health and is currently working as a health and wellbeing practitioner in a medical centre. His focus is on supporting others to feel empowered and to optimise their wellbeing through self-care, and self-awareness.