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Tui Fleming

Tui Fleming helps humans create meaning and awaken to the moments that matter. Authentic leadership strategist, coach and advanced yoga teacher, she is your powerful activator and compassionate guide helping you to discover who you are and live your best life.

Workshops with Tui Fleming

We are all leaders of our own lives, but too often we lead and live how we think we ‘should’. Tui eschews the shoulds and looks beyond the armour into the heart of who you are. Her work is about diversity and inclusion, significance and belonging. Her workshops are havens where people feel safe and inspired to dive deep into who they are – and who they want to be – where they find forgiveness, acceptance, permission, potential and a clear vision for their future.

Tui is NZ’s only advanced yoga teacher who is also a licensed Desire Map facilitator and certified Gallup Strengths Coach – enabling Tui to weave rich layers of wisdom and guidance into her classes. She is your friend, confidante, coach and guide, trained and proven to deliver transformation in leadership and life.

About Tui Fleming

Tui ‘woke up’ when she became a mum. Her children led her back onto the path of her inner child’s deepest yearning: creative expression, connection and joy. Previously a marketer, after her second daughter was born she began writing to make meaning out of how her corporate mind and maternal body were synchronising; how the whole was greater than the sum of parts: “of who I am – who I’ve always been beneath the hats”.

Her words became a book, Dear Mummy, You’re Important Too, that book became a business, and that business a mission to give others permission to celebrate their true selves authentically, courageously.

Tui was always destined to be a yoga teacher – her parents met at meditation camp, and she has practiced for 20 years. She trained as part of her business development and fell in love, particularly with the rich language of embodied flow and guided meditation. Tui is co-host on Stuff Media’s podcast ‘Double Strength Mama Power’ in which she wrote and produced 18 mindful moments for the first series. She is a regular commentator on TV3’s The Café, has been featured on TVNZ and was recently interviewed in a deep exploration of the most important human needs on the Unmistakable Creative. She is a natural vocalist with a voice that soothes the soul.

She finds her own soul nourishment and inspiration on the beaches of New Zealand.

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