vinyasa yoga AucklandThe first vinyasa class I ever went to was life-changing for me. The euphoria that I felt during and the calm at the end was something I thought about for days after. I walked home with a “what just happened” feeling. Vinyasa yoga Auckland.

That first class was the beginning of the next phase of my life. One of a yoga lover.

Vinyasa Yoga Auckland. Vinyasa is a modern-day form of yoga where you flow through poses continuously. This is often characterised by one slow round of poses (asana) followed by a more fluid round where there is no pause in or between poses. This encourages deep breathing which has a multitude of benefits.

I think it was the breathing that was what made me feel so euphoric in that first class. It was possibly what got me hooked. That, and the instructor who was inspiring and kind and peppered the class with motivation and guidance. She gave me something to aspire to.

Okay so back to the breathing. You can expect at the beginning of class some meditation, perhaps an introduction or theme from the instructor, some warm-up stretches and to have your breath guided into a deeper & calmer rhythm. When the breath slows, it initiates regulation of blood pressure, heart rate and general feelings of calm. When we are in a state of calm the body is able to move into a state of repair and growth.

Although relaxing for some, Vinyasa yoga (vinyasa yoga Auckland) is probably not the style to choose if you are injured or exhausted. It is a dynamic and fun style and the music won’t necessarily be quiet or low key. This style can be a bit of a workout and is often coupled with challenging poses to work towards as well as strength work. Don’t worry though, a well-rounded vinyasa class will also have your usual calming, stretchy types of poses.

Why do we love it?

vinyasa yoga Auckland

We stay present: Remain aware of your breathing and concentrate on moving gracefully through poses, you won’t have much time for your mind to wander. This is a sure-fire way to feel mentally calm, even if your body is working hard.

It never gets boring: There really are few rules with Vinyasa. Expect the sequence to change regularly and for you to really feel the instructor’s personality. Interesting music playlists will feature and some poses that you haven’t encountered before.

Get in shape: If there is a cardiovascular form of yoga – this is it. If you are looking to get in shape, firm up or lose weight. Get to a vinyasa class.

Vinyasa yoga Auckland