Vivian Medina

Vivian Medina

Vivian Medina is choreographer, dancer, actress, educator and very disciplined yogini, committed to her daily sadhana. She is our Kundalini yoga instructor.

Yoga with Vivian Medina

With a magnetic presence, Vivian guides her students expertly, passionately and lovingly through a physical & emotional cleansing practice of chanting, breathing, energising movement & meditation.

“Vivian and her style of yoga which is unique to Yoga Sanctuary, was trialled by four of our curious teachers. Impressed by her delivery, presence and the way it made us feel, we encourage you to experience the powerful Kundalini Yoga practice led by this talented teacher. Stay posted for 2019 Kundalini class times starting in February”

About Vivian Medina

Vivian Medina (Maheshjoti Kaur) is a choreographer, dancer, actress and educator. She is a very disciplined and devotional yogini committed to her daily sadhana. With her artistic creation and interdisciplinary research in performing arts, Vivian is Yoga Sanctuary’s one and only Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

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