Flip Your Dog

Yoga is an integral part of Janelle Hope’s life.  Janelle, the founder of Flip Your Dog see’s yoga as a beautiful tool for wellbeing and transformation and has been dismayed by a lack of exciting yoga wear. She hankered for clothing with colour and flair. She wanted something vibrant, that told a story, and imbibed a sense of fun and beauty. Comfort was essential. But so was style.

Her search led her around the globe to discover brands like Teeki, Hardtail, Liquido Active, Onzie and Beyond Yoga – all fair trade and environmentally conscious with an ethic of creating stylish and comfortable workout clothing.

Initially she wanted the clothes for herself, but when she realised there was nowhere in New Zealand where the gear was readily available she created Flip Your Dog, an online store Devoted to Yoga & Activewear.  ‘With love and light’

Mala Earth

Mala Earth is an online store which offers a carefully curated collection of Malas and Mala Bracelets which have been lovingly hand-crafted by Mala Makers around the world.
The Mala Earth concept was created by Rebecca Agent who has a deep desire to build a business with heart. She has a passion for yoga and sustainability and has firsthand experience with the healing benefits of this sacred jewellery.

Mala Earth has been built using a framework of yogic philosophy and sustainability methodologies i.e. closed loop production and conscious consumerism. They strive to be fair-trade ethically sourced and sustainable. They also commit to donating a percentage of their profits to charity.

Head to www.malaearth.com

Ayurveda Health

Perry runs an Ayurvedic clinic from her home in Milford, where she utilises both her Ayurvedic knowledge and Naturopathic background, to provide a well rounded and practical approach.

Having completed a Naturopath Diploma and Diploma of Lifestyle Consulting, Perry concluded her studies for a Diploma of Ayurvedic medicine at Wellpark College. Perry has also travelled to India for an internship to further her passion for Ayurvedic medicine, where further study of herbs, Panchakarma therapies and Ayurveda body treatments were all explored.

Perry has taught Ayurveda as well as Yoga and meditation studies at Wellpark College. She organises and presents seminars and retreats on different aspects of Ayurveda.

Head to www.ayurvedahealth.co.nz