Those feelings & signals that tell us when situations and experiences are good or bad. When unbalanced, they can come in waves of energy which rise and fall in peaks & troughs. These waves lift us up, slam us down and take us on wild adventures.

I’ve come to love my emotions and have learned how to harness and use them as a powerful tool. They help me to navigate through life, generate my own energy, and transform negative experiences into positive ones.


If you are empathetic, you’ll be able to experience the emotions of the people in your environment. You may sense them even when a person isn’t expressing them or is trying to hide them. If you are very empathetic, you may mistakenly experience these emotions as your own, and sometimes express them as well. You can learn ways to create a barrier between another’s negative emotions and your own. This is important so that you feel it, but don’t experience a physiological response in your body. I’ll write about that in another blog. Once understood, these messages can give you strong insight and advantage into the intentions and motivations of others. It also makes for great human connections and deeper relationships with people.

Your Emotions

Emotions can also be felt from the inside out. These are the emotions that we are most familiar with. These are feelings generated in the brain that cause a mental or physiological response in the body/mind. Sometimes we express our emotions outwards, and sometimes we keep them inside. Expressing emotions outwards is healthy, as long as we don’t direct negative ones into other people. Being expressive will draw people towards you and repel others from you. It will help you to create an environment that is a perfect match to what you are experiencing inside you. When internalised, this energy will build in a powerful way. Both negative and positive emotions can be used as a force to achieve great things.

A Mood

Is when a specific emotional state sets up camp in your body and stays a while. You want your mood to be a good one otherwise life won’t be much fun.

If your mood becomes uncomfortable, it could be that a negative experience was traumatic and stayed.  Or perhaps you stuffed a negative experience down in a bid to avoid experiencing it fully. Internalising negative emotions, like putting them into an incubator to grow, can erode the very fabric of who you are. The decision to remove a persistent bad mood from your life can also force you down the necessary path that you need to take in order to heal, grow and improve your life.  These ‘challenges’ are the things that we often wouldn’t consciously choose, but are required to achieve the  goals that we have for our lives. Our goals are usually something associated with love, health & happiness and over this blog series I’m going to tell you how to get there.

Negative Emotions

I have experienced deep sadness, crippling anxiety, viscous hate, palpable fury, and unbelievable heights of love & happiness. A curious hunger to discover what they meant, I came to realise that the negative ones are gifts that have helped me to achieve great things.

Every negative experience or emotion that has taken a bit of work to remove from my life, has projected me down the exact path that I needed to go down. These paths led me directly to the things that I associated with health, love and happiness.

I have also come to realise that real love & happiness is something that you don’t need to hold onto. Real love, health & happiness, once found, will remain, underly and support you through, any moments that you experience uncomfortable emotions. If you are clinging to love, health & happiness, it could be that your experience of that is merely a relief from negative emotions that you are stuffing back down inside you.


I spent about 7 years experiencing, studying, expressing and balancing negative emotions. During that time I grew to love and understand them. Once I had experienced them fully and understood them completely I became less interested in them. I would notice that good things in my life were crowding out any fascination that I had with negativity and I would I simply stop focussing on the bad stuff. As this happened, I began to see that the negativity was still alive in other people in my world.

For example, if I had been experiencing sadness (we’ll talk about my time here next week), once I needed it no more, and my life was full of joy, I realised I had attracted some unhappy people into my life. I no longer felt an affinity with these people and, unless they wanted my help or support, I stopped associating with them. I did this systematically with the two main negative emotions that had once lived inside of me (sadness & anxiety).

The third emotion was one that I could sense, or had directed at me from some of the people I was associating with. I had some hateful and angry people in my life. Because it felt so foreign to me, if directed my way I’d direct it right back, or remove them from my life. This conflict, I walked away from as well. Eventually I walked away from every person who was harbouring an emotion that I had cleansed from or refused to harbour in, my precious body.

The Good Stuff

Now life is one full of love, health and happiness. I experience the others, as do we all, but I let it flow through me. My friends and family support, love and empathise with each other and are compassionate with one another on our bad days. These are the types of people I choose. I love all emotions and am passionate about emotionally expressive people.

If a bad mood stays, I may consciously address it in my yoga and meditation practice or just accept some things as a part of life. I have an immunity to the negative emotions of others, I can support and empathise with them, but I will not harbour it for them.

Next week I’m going to talk about my relationship to sadness and how I used it to become a yoga teacher and build a yoga business.