Customer Reviews

 Vicki H. Sarah’s class was beautiful, as always.

 Martin H. Such great teachers who are not only spiritually aware, but very grounded and practical. Love your work.

 Stephen C. Sarah is an earth angel!

 Frances A. Lovely friendly venue

Mary G. I just love the restorative sessions.

Natasha T. I appreciated that my space was all set up; I just arrived and the experience was amazing. I’d do another one and bring a friend.

Evan J. Awesome as always…. 😀💗 love it !

Lisa M. Loved the slow pace of restorative yoga, breathing and meditation. Please can you do more of these classes instead of only once per month!

Anna F. Great class, relaxed environment, convenient location & great knowledgeable experienced well prepared teacher

Tammy M. Love the community and the fabulous teachers – a true sanctuary!

Reuben J. The Yoga Sanctuary and its teachers have helped me rehabilitate from serious back and knee injuries physically and also mentally. Such a comfortable non judgmental place to practice, being a non typical yogi and having lead an eventful alternate lifestyle to most people, it’s bloody great to be accepted for all my faults and flaws into their awesome world. Seriously, everyone is welcome at the Yoga Sanctuary and it’s full of amazing people.

Tina R. Great Yoga studio, great yoga, great vibes

Pam S. I have really enjoyed Juan’s yoga class., both the exercises and what he teaches us about well being in our lives. He also relates well to everyone in the class and gives us all encouragement..

Belinda M. Love the classes.

Cat M. Love you guys x

Dominic B. I’m loving the sunday 4pm session – a bit of spiritual and physical ‘space’ after crazy weeks… thanks so much –

Janet B. your instructors are great- knowledgeable, able to impart that knowledge, friendly, adaptable and helpful. I love every type of class I have been to and all the instructors.

Kirsty D. Looooovvvvveeeeed Sarah’s class on Sunday.

Jason L. Great workshop, venue and value for money

Jelena P. Everything was perfect

Kirsty M. I had Rosie on Sun 9 Feb and loved her class!

Tui C. Choosing to return to Studio practice was a huge decision for me, I have had a couple of bad experiences but right from our first communications, the team at Yoga Sanctuary made me feel LOVED and welcome. Denise is a warm, light energy who is able to hold space and embrace all who join her classes. I was so overwhelmed with the pleasure of my experience, I literally cried with relief and joy at the end of the practice. Thank you Denise, and thank you Yoga Sanctuary for providing me a welcoming and safe place for me to develop my love and practice of Yoga. I feel I have found my new Home away from Home.

Kylie A. Awesome experience and great teacher. Beautiful studio in the best possible environment

Benita A. You guys are amazing, love the pearls of wisdom Denise imparts throughout her classes, beautiful!

Linda B. The teacher was encouraging and took the time to show lesser poses for newbies (and the inflexible). Positive atmosphere and helpful dialogue.

Anna S. Always professional, welcoming and classes enjoyable

Elke F. You guys are awesome. I love coming to Yoga Sanctuary when I’m in Auckland.

Michelle A. Selina is a rockstar ! With love from Michelle x

Mel G. Feeling of belonging, incredible teacher and I always leave feeling that I have learnt a lot

Jason E. great class!! couldn’t really say or suggest anything better !

Fiona S. Sheryl’s restorative yoga class is nurturing, uplifting and restorative. It’s so nurturing that I often drift off to sleep by the time we are in our second pose. Sheryl is just such a beautiful presence in the room and always offers something new, either by way of the poses or with her instruction, meditation and her messages. She never fails to find a connection with one of the these. I absolutely love this class thank you 🙂

Amy W. It was lovely to finally visit the yoga sanctuary and be greeted with a warm welcome. It’s a beautifully calming environment and I loved being guided by Tui through desire mapping, music and movement. A beautiful afternoon shared, thanks so much.

Stacey S. Beautiful venue and fantastic class. Thoroughly enjoyed it x

Melanie W. Great class, and lovely facilities

Andrew S. Good friendly instructors

Rachael D. I love everything about yoga sanctuary! The staff and the studio are the perfect balance of strengthening your body and your mind. I am always treated courteously and like a welcomed guest. I feel great arriving and leaving!

Carol G. Love the yin class on Monday morning And Denise is a fantastic instructor

Leanne S. Amazing teaching! Always a great class

Jot Ramdass S. The sanctuary is my home base of grounding and learning on my pathway. each teacher adds an aspect or unique quality. the light I find travels with me and is a major part of my practise at home, on beaches, mountains and forests. My journey has been a joy and I happily encourage those inquiring to attend.

Anne R. You’re simply the best

Susan W. Lovely environment, friendly people

Sonia F. Very professional

Angeline J. It’s always an amazing class

Jessica F. The best yoga!

Wendy J. The Yoga Sanctuary certainly is a sanctuary in every way. So peaceful and a perfect place for my yoga practice.

Billy M. To attend a Yoga Sanctuary class is such a gift to yourself and the classes are really enjoyable.! Would absolutely recommend to anyone…

Martin H. Love the difference a class makes to my day/week.

Frances A. Great instructor and venue

Amit S. Awesome instructors, with a variety of approaches from hardcore to easy going. Appreciate the adjustments during class which correct postures I’ve been doing incorrectly for years. Good vibes 🙂

Ian M. Well run

Stella T. Yoga sanctuary is the best!!

Michelle M. Sarah is an amazing teacher and her life lessons every week are incredible!

Claire B. YS have nailed it! Premises, teacher, content, parking, affordability,… all are great.

Brendon S. Great teachers and a nice environment to practice.

Sharne L. Great challenging class and gave lots of options to match the different levels of the students in the class. Just shows how well Denise knows her students.

Tammy M. I love it so much. The community vibe and the fabulous yoga

Sarah S. I love yoga sanctuary – from the moment I start climbing the stairs and can smell the scented candles!! Relaxing from start to finish!

Jenny K. Lovely and helpful staff

Yimao X. each yoga is a good experience.

Evan J. Friendly and professional, experienced teachers.

Kylie H. So far I’ve had a fabulous experience.

Sophie C. Love 💓 Yoga Sanctuary x

Angela S. Classes are amazing. You feel like a new person by the end.

Stu L. Great teacher, great energy in the class. Very enjoyable

Nikki G. I loved my first class – the environment was very welcoming too

Angela B. I always get something valuable out of the classes and they are always of great quality. Thank you Sarah, Denise and the Team for providing a great place to come. It really has been a sanctuary for me. Angela. x

Candy E. hassle free

Claire A. Love the atmosphere at YS. Returning to YS after a years break it was lovely to be treated as an old friend. Selina is a fabulous instructor and I am excited to back with the YS family.

Belinda M. Lovely teacher, stress free experience.

Biddie C. Great classes, great ladies. x

Jo M. Denise is a wonderful teacher with a really great practice of her own that makes her teaching so easeful. A radiant welcome and good tunes.

Sue W. Denise is amazing

Rachel B. I always feel really good and uplifted after practicing at the yoga sanctuary, and the fact it’s a good workout is an added bonus.

Christine P. Good environment, very experience instructors! Love it!!

Jenni R. The gentle practice at the yin class is great for winding down the day and not too strenuous on my body.

Kahukura B. I thought it was a great class. A good mix of relaxing and challenging.

Fiona S. Yoga Sanctuary is my favourite studio in Auckland. Each teacher has something different to offer and Sheryl’s Restorative Yoga is incredibly nurturing. Thank you 🙂

Nicole B. Awesome instructors.

Stephen S. Great place. Good teachers

Julie H. Amazing teacher

Lisa M. Lovely environment and excellent instructors

Julia K. I received a very warm welcome, great introduction and it was a very pleasant experience of my first session even though I didn’t know a soul there, great start to my yoga journey, thank you.

Natasha P. For some unexplainable reasons, Yoga Sanctuary seems to be the Place where my soul belongs to. I know it’s just the feeling, but it’s all about the feeling, isn’t it? The feeling of homecoming opens its petals every time I return… Thank you for creating this beautiful place, Denise! Namaste to all the amazing yoga teachers Xoxo

David G. I’m loving it. Awesome for mind soul and body

Heather M. Excellent instructors

Robert D. Great Studio. Very professional instructors without taking themselves too seriously as seen at other studios. Have enjoyed every class

Rachael A. Lovely yin yoga class just what i needed for my mind and body. Thank you!

Olivia N. Lovely, experienced teachers, beautiful studio xx

Michelle Best studio in town !!!

Sue S. I’m always impressed by whichever instructor I have and the studio is very clean and not over crowded

Clare M. Friendly haven for yoga and meditation

Fiona M. Great instructors and excellent after sales customer service

Jayne J. I love the Yoga Sanctuary

Alison W. Amazing. Denise is a delight to chat to and I simply love Juan’s classes on a Tuesday 🙂 very good teachings and always feel fab when I walk out !

Sharon V. Amazing teacher Sarah lead the class

Zara M. Love classes, Sarah is a great teacher

Michelle W. Excellent yoga teacher. Very professional and interesting class. Lots of variety, with a natural flow and theme. Well though out.

Anne R. The Yoga Sanctuary truly is a place where we can go and just be ourselves. All the staff are friendly, helpful and welcoming. All the instructors are exceptional. I just love going

Sue M. I love Yoga sanctuary and all the different classes I can do plus a different range of amazing teachers

Gina P. Denise and her team have made Yoga Sanctuary just that – a sanctuary where I feel divine as soon as step into the studio (not so much on the stairs and the hallway though :))

Lynda B. Love this place

Lisa D. I always have a good experience at the Yoga Sanctuary and the teachers are very good.

Karyn C. Just amazing teachers and a nice safe space

Katie E. Great class as usual!

Megan S. Great teachers, great studio.

Jot Ramdass S. Yoga Sanctuary is my spiritual home base. The light we share there is with us wherever we go. That light grounds, lifts and enlightens.

Simone D. I love you guys! Clearly a huge fan here. Xo

Lisa R. Love this place – brilliant vibe, best teachers

Julianne D. I just love the Yoga Sanctuary <3

Rae L. Great classes and teachers.A friendly place to be

Thomas D. Unbelievably welcoming environment that has helped put me on a really positive path in life.

Greg R. Everything about the YS is a 10. The ambiance, the location and as for the teachers….well, they are past 10….!

Alayne H. I always enjoy my experience at yoga, I am a mature lady and attend a Yin class. I always feel so relaxed when the class has finished and know that I have stretched and strengthened muscles and joints that may not be used daily. Alana H. parts of the body weekly with stretching I feel that Yin is the one for me.

Lydia L. Love your studio and would not hesitate to recommend to others! I’ll be moving back to Australia soon and will definitely miss this place! Thank you for having me and for teaching such high quality yoga classes!!

Karen C. You guys are fantastic. I have being coming off and on over many years and the standard remains high and enjoyable. My lack of attendance at times has only been due to personal /medical stuff!! Saturdays time with Tui came at a good time for me and I was asleep my 8pm that night, much needed. Thank you 🙂

Jenny R. It was a superb class with excellent instruction.

Geraldine M. I am always happy after a class with Michelle. Wonderful teacher

Amit S. Denise has an amazing teaching style, calm & clear. You can tell it comes from her own experience in yoga, she lives it and it comes across very sincere. Keep up the great work.

Stella T. The perfect yoga experience for me 🙂 Teachers, location, times, care, love, respect…everything. I have found the class times tricky in the past (to get across town in time for evening classes), but at the moment working from home, it couldn’t be better!

Wendy J. Great atmosphere, great teachers, what’s not to like about Yoga sanctuary!

Karen T. I loved the class at 9am on Sunday morning. I always enjoy Sarah and her words of wisdom, plus the music is perfect!

Natasha D. The teachers are gorgeous people who make you feel welcome. I personally always walk away from class feeling refreshed and after my classes. Really welcoming environment with easy parking too.

Gillian F. Love everything about yoga sanctuary

Suzy S. They are all amazing x

Simmy L. Amazing teachers and super tranquil studio vibe

Tina R. Loved the level 2 class, great flow, nice not to have yoga dumbed down. great energy and music, nice vibes and message from Sarah that flowed through the class. Some challenging and different transitions. Nice to get lost in the flow.

Olivia C. You guys are just awesome!!!

Dario M. Good atmosphere and good teacher

Jan V. Great people, great atmosphere

Shona M. lovely yoga session with great instructor

Helen H. Authentic Yoga in a beautiful simple environment. Love your commitment to Yin.

Kerry M. Great classes

Sharne L. It’s an amazing studio with inspiring teachers. It’s been such a huge part of my life for the last 4 years

Amanda C. Amazing teachers, varied timetable, great studio location, relaxed & supportive atmosphere . Thank you for all you do! x

Bridget L. Lovely studio and instructors

John H. Friendly and supportive for first-time yoga John H

Frances A. Beautiful venue. Very profession all instructors but Juan is amazing , the best. Each time he goes away he comes back in a more advanced Yogi. Love his style

Caroline M. People are friendly and approachable and always happy to answer questions. Restorative is a wonderful 60 minutes to recharge and centre yourself.

Evan J. Warm, friendly atmosphere. Fabulous workout for mind, body and spirit.

Sophie C. absolutely love the atmosphere and studio and teachers at Yoga Sanctuary!!

Tammy M. I love yoga Sanctuary – I wouldn’t want to practice yoga anywhere else.

Eve-Nicole H. Amazing. I love the teachers , atmosphere and the class itself.

Lesley P. Great class by Juan plus great ambience in the studio

Lorissa W. Excellent teachers all with great knowledge

Michael S. People are great, instructors excellent, lovely environment, kind to beginners & guy friendly.

Anne T. Perry is a wonderful and caring teacher

Victoria M. 10/10

Julia M. I love you guuuuuuys!

Kirsty D. 10 out 10 for wonderful teachers

Clare M. Great yoga venue, great teachers, a success!

Lisa M. People I dealt with were very friendly, welcoming and helpful

Sue W. Denise’s classes are inspirational. I come away feeling a million dollars.

Erica S. The Yoga Sanctuary studio has a calm and nourishing atmosphere, and there is always a warm welcome on arrival. Denise has a team of loyal and talented teachers and there is a wide range of classes and times available to fit with most people’s daily schedule.

Carol G. Love the yoga

Louise H. Love the ‘space’ of the yoga sanctuary, the elevated, window/light filled room overlooking the trees and towards the ocean. The subtle styling of gorgeous Buddha head pieces, fresh flowers and feathers along with delicious scents from the aroma oil diffuser set a perfect ambience for doing yoga. And of course the best and most important part of all is Michelle the inspiring and gorgeous on the inside-and-out teacher who’s classes I attend. She’s incredible!

Dominic B. I love the yoga that you all do. I am new to yoga (in classes) and I love it. The session is my weekly escape. Thank you!

Billy M. This is an amazing group of people and the practice is really cool and easy going and has so much to offer than just yoga. Highly recommended

Malik W. Has lovely energy.

Fay A. Loved the Breathwork class, thanks! Would like to do it again 🙂

Georgia Z. Yoga sanctuary really is a sanctuary where you can feel completely supported and safe, knowing you will get exactly what you need from every class. The teachers are all very knowledgeable, passionate and caring. The feel and vibe of the studio is truely beautiful and welcoming, I couldn’t recommend it enough to everyone. I have been to many yoga studios and yoga sanctuary has always been my favourite and one I always are drawn into. Thank you lovely Denise and all the beautiful teachers for creating such a devine space.

Sarah S. I love the environment and Juan is fabulous. Denise runs a wonderful holistic centre.

Anne R. Michelle’s classes are amazing yet somehow just keep getting better

Kate M. Denise’s classes are magical.

Jayne J. Love the studio, teachers and the whole experience

Andrea J. Classes are always lovely. Also relaxing atmosphere. Love the mindfulness of the classes.

Jenni R. Like the yin classes very relaxing and meditative.

Linda S. Lovely vibe, great teachers – can’t wait to go back

Megan S. Amazing teachers

Brett B. Good facility, convenient location, plenty of free parking, good instructors

Meredith M. Because awesome 🙂

Laura Briane M. Selinas amazing and creative sequencing and energy!

Gina P. I have been away for three months and it feels so good to be back in NZ and back at Yoga Sanctuary – it is a ‘haven’ to come home to. And the class was a great balance of work out and relaxation.

Olivia N. Lovely, experienced teachers. Beautiful studio. Yoga sanctuary is a real community, not just classes.

Lisa D. I love everything about the Yoga Sanctuary, the people the classes, how respected and welcome I feel.

Nerida F. It always feel like a sanctuary when I walk into Yoga Sanctuary.

Monique C. Relaxing, welcoming environment and amazing teachers 🙂

Jot Ramdass S. You are home base for our collective mind giving and restoring love light and enlightenment. Our fitness and health centre for body and mind. The team as one ..our guide and advisor. Thanks for piloting the journey.

Leah W. So many great teachers, classes never disappoint.

Diana M. I found it to be both a personable and aptly named Restorative class with no inhibitions and all inclusive 🙂

Brodie H. Very positive experience so far

Emma H. Lovely tutor, setting and facilities

Angeline J. Great classes. Beautiful environment.

Leanne S. Fantastic teachers

Rachael D. I enjoy the space, the respect and knowledge and care of facilitators

Douglas M. Friendly and relaxing

Rae L. Great yoga and teachers at the sanctuary

Cushla B. Great teachers & community!

Lisa R. Love the vibe there

David W. Bliss

Ana L. I love Sarah and her beautiful classes!

Tatyana K. I liked that teachers are very professional

Toni B. Made me feel welcome and comfortable for my first class

Nicki M. Fantastic people, environment and classes

Stephen C. Sarah is a goddess. I love her classes and the beautiful messages she delivers!

Stella T. Everything was perfect xx

Karla S. All the yoga teachers are great in their own right, and all offer a different experience, giving a variety to each class 🙂

Adam R. Good vibes, Cool location, Friendly people, can’t wait for summer for yoga followed by a swim

Reuben J. Super friendly environment and amazing teachers.

Shelleece S. Yoga sanctuary is home ❤️

Caitlin H. Friendly staff lovely experience

Paul B. Welcoming and friendly vibe at yoga sanctuary as well as the great teachers. I feel at home there after just a few visits.

Gillian F. Friendly atmosphere. Great classes.

Natasha D. I love yoga sanctuary. Lovely friendly kind teachers in a nice space to practice yoga.

Katie E. Classes, teachers and environment are always great!

Louise F. Yoga Sanctuary has become a sanctuary for myself, I am extremely grateful to have Yoga Sanctuary and all it’s associated people in my life! Thank you. xo

Fiona S. Yoga Sanctuary is and always has been an incredibly nurturing studio always worth the effort it is for me to make my way there from Devonport thank you 🙂

Sue W. Great ambiance. Really good work-out. Not too easy.

Claire B. Sheryl is amazing – walked in sore back and shoulders – walked out rested and ready to tackle life. 🌺

Wendy J. Ive been going to the Yoga Sanctuary since it opened and never had anything to complain about it. Wonderful peaceful sanctuary, with great yoga teachers.

Christine P. I really enjoyed my introduction to yoga and will be back!

Karyn C. Great vibe great environment always feel safe and comfortable love the teachers

Kulan K. It was a pleasant and not very difficult exercise to follow. At the end I felt light as expected.

Emma B. Lovely vibe! Friendly faces welcoming you into the space 🙂

Benita A. Great class, great studio. Love the spiritual aspect. I don’t get there often as I have studios closer to home but always love going to the sanctuary.

Tina K. I love starting my week with a yin practice at YS

Lynda B.  I love it at the Sanctuary!

Yan Z. The instructors and environment are awesome.

Caroline M. Lovely friendly welcoming staff, very patient with questions, great atmosphere

Fleur W. Love it there 💕

Clare M. Friendly, warm, yoga teachers who run great sessions for us

Nicola N. I always feel at peace, relaxed and comfortable there

A’lanah H. I heart YS

Greg R. The venue is gorgeous with a lovely feel about, located in the pretty seaside suburb of Mairangi Bay. All the teachers are of a high standard. The classes inspirational with the sequences always changing and challenging. I’ve never had a bad experience there.

Hannah W. Beautiful studio, comfortable and calming surroundings. Amazing teachers, I particularly love how they offer a range of options even within a “classified level” class (i.e. Level 1 or 2) so you can choose based on your energy level at the time of the class. Will totally recommend this practice to anyone.

Anna J. Michelle is absolutely the most fabulous yoga instructor I’ve ever met!

Louise H. Love the environment/setting of the studio being elevated and with windows looking in the direction of the ocean. Love the vaporiser, statues and fresh flowers. I attend Michelle’s classes the majority of the time and think she is amazing. Love her style and she gives off such a beautiful aura and sense of calm. Always feel amazing when I leave. Thank you

Jen A. Experience of instructors, style of yoga, ambience of studio, location.

Nadine H. I LOVE YS! x

Marina H. Love the timetable which gives me lots of options to join a lesson. Teachers are awesome and I just love each lesson. Great place for YOGA.

Anne R. You are the best

Sharne L. I love the classes and variety of teacher style. I feel like i get a great workout out, a spiritual and mental balance after every class. I never walk out a class without having worked through something felt like I’ve achieved something or just feeling good. Keep up the excellent work team

Jill G. Fabulous Yoga studio with amazing teachers

Kirsty D. I loooooovvvveeeee Denises classes!

Dominic B. Loved it. Feeling closer to my body, my internal self, greater connection with everything. Thank you

Matilde S. Great teacher and restorative yoga class.

Jessica F. My happy place!

Melanie W. Always feel welcome when I arrive, Great teacher- class suitably challenging and higher level options offered, and verbal guidance both in terms of movement but aslo re: introspection fabuolous.

Lucy K. I love everything about yoga sanctuary The people the place the music even the beautiful smell, it’s my Sunday evening happy place 💜

Isobel S. The Yin Yoga training was excellent. Very thorough with a good mix of theory and practice. The studio was lovely. I would have given it a 10 if the timetable had been a bit better, Fitting in with the studios regular classes made things a bit disjointed but we did manage to work around it.

Julia M. The local venue is convenient. Classes are at appropriate times for full time workers. The 6.30am Wednesday morning class allows a fantastic start to the day!! Instructors are encouraging an effectively manage a variety of ability levels with in a class.

Andrea J. Lovely space, lovely class

Martin H. I love Yoga Sanctuary and all you stand for.

Angela S. Amazing classes

Billy M. Yoga is a great practice. There is good variety in the classes and dynamics with the teachers. The price point is well matched for various options which make it easy and represents good value. The teachers are also all really positive, confident and great leaders, delivering the classes in a really enjoying way.

Frances A. Beautiful studio And fabulous yoga instructors

Rachael M. The teachers are great, the environment is welcoming, and I love being a member of The Yoga Sanctuary!

Laura B. Safe, welcoming environment that is equipped for all skill levels

Natasha P. Best yoga with spiritual music and meditation experience I have had. Amazing teachers. Thank you!

Dario M. Have alway been to the classes a great team always smiling and helpful.

Monique C. Fantastic teachers and a relaxing friendly sanctuary

Sue W. Yoga sanctuary is the best yoga experience I have ever had

Lisa D. Everyone is always really friendly, the classes are diverse and interesting and I love the yoga.

Kent A. Studio size, easy payment and best yoga teacher I’ve had.

Bridget O. Being new to yoga I have found that there is no expectations put on me to be able to perform certain poses. The instructor gives options for each pose and are very welcoming and non non judgmental.

Olga A. Awesome instructors. Great practice. Wonderful atmosphere. <3

Jaime N. Great teachers and studio. Plus love the variety of different workshops that are offered

Esther H. Great teaching, friendly atmosphere, good location, lovely studio, lots of props/equipment – an all-round great place 🙂

Felicity L. Good teacher Good venue Good atmosphere Good music

Stacey B. Nice space and the yoga is excellent.

Jenni R. We take the yin class with Sheryl and love her style. Great stretching and very soft voice and manner. Love her class and would highly recommend.

Katie M. It’s a nice studio with a good vibe and real yoga

Natalie B. Lovely teachers, always very warm and welcoming. Love the classes.

Nerida F. All the teachers are excellent and highly experienced and every class realigns mind, body and soul.

Janet B. I love the yoga you do… all the instructors are very knowledgeable in their areas, classes are as challenging and it is a lovely atmosphere.

Laura Briane M. Yoga Sanctuary is and always will be my home studio. Stellar, real, feeling teachers who embody yoga. Yoga Sanctuary feels like a space to get away, but also a place to come back home.

Erica S. Yoga Sanctuary is particular about the quality of their teachers, several of whom have been teaching there for some years. You are also made personally welcome at every visit, which makes me feel a part of their yoga community. Erica S.

Angeline J. Great yoga. Wonderful space. Fabulous teachers

Sophie E. Variety of classes, expertise and attitude of teachers, tranquility of environment.

Suzy S. I feel so welcome and accepted and at home. It’s changed my life. It really has. Such lovely teachers

Megan S. Amazing teachers. My happy place 😊

Jay G. Great, friendly , and accommodating Encouraging

Jot Ramdass S. I am hooked, the sanctuary is the home base that goes with you everywhere to lift you up and settle you down.

Diane A. Love the restorative yoga

Jade B.  The yoga sanctuary is just that, a beautiful magical place for like minded people to share a passion ❤️ The teachers are all knowledgeable and each offers something special and unique yet all share the same passion and love in the practice they share with us students.

Tammy M. amazing teachers, and community!