A to do list for your Vision

July 2006 - Healing   I clenched my stomach as I watched him turn. He walked away and I collapsed in sobs of heartbreak. Alone, I boarded a flight bound for New Zealand. The pain in my heart raw as I watched the small American town that I’d lived in for four years fade into [...]

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Do you have a cup of love?

An abundant love cup I grew up with my love cup overflowing. I had no conscious awareness of what it was to not be loved. What a gift! To take for granted that life would always supply me with an abundance of people to love. My physical & material health/ wealth were never an issue. I [...]

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The Breathwork High

For three years I breathed daily as a way to go into deeper meditation, but it was never ever like the times I stumbled upon a Breathwork class. Also known as Holotropic or Transformational Breathing, in each of the three classes that I’ve been to, the teacher described what was going to happen prior to [...]

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Booze, Men & Excess

“Stop drinking so much” my mother would say. “Find a stable relationship” everyone else in the world would say. But I knew, deep down that drinking and sex was working for me. For now. At the end of a day of inspiring others when I felt uninspired, that glass of wine was a relief that [...]

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How to be a Powerful Woman

At 45kg I was emaciated. A tiredness hung over me that I’d never felt and my heart was broken. An industry that I had poured my heart and soul into for six years was splintered. My house was on the market and I had very real threats of losing a business that was my sole [...]

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Manipura Chakra and the Thoracic Spine

I had a seriously interesting bodywork treatment a few weeks ago – recommended by fellow Yoga Sanctuary yogi Juan. I booked in to get Bowen Therapy on my back, which had been bothering me all year. Chiropractic, acupuncture and rest hadn’t worked so I was still searching for an answer. After the first treatment I [...]

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Guest Post by Akash

Yesterday I was on my feet for almost two hours and one of my legs got swollen. Upon researching it, I discovered that I had a symptom of edema (water retention). I practice yoga daily, so researched if there are any yoga poses that can cure edema. Fortunately I found some yoga poses that can, and I [...]

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Do you have big emotions?

Emotions Those feelings & signals that tell us when situations and experiences are good or bad. When unbalanced, they can come in waves of energy which rise and fall in peaks & troughs. These waves lift us up, slam us down and take us on wild adventures. I’ve come to love my emotions and have [...]

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