Yin Yoga Teacher Training Auckland

Here’s how to be a yoga teacher… our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Auckland course provides a full 100-hr yoga teacher training certification.

yin yoga teacher training

Immerse yourself in our Yin Yoga Teacher Training course and learn to share the subtle meditative qualities of this practice. Created from a blend of the ethereal sciences of the West. Yin Yoga is all about balance.

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100-hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with TJ Maher

yacep logoOur Yin Yoga teacher training course covers:

  • Anatomical Variation
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Meridian Channels
  • Muscular Anatomy
  • Connective Tissue
  • Yin Yang Philosophy
  • Meditation

~ sequencing ~ chakras ~ fascia ~ cueing ~ joints ~ asana ~ chi ~ and more

Yoga teacher training curriculum:

This 100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training is a complete program providing everything a student needs to understand, guide and practice the nuanced art of Yin. The program provides an in-depth look at what is happening in one’s body and mind during the practice, how to modify / assist, and the healing effects brought by this practice.

Yoga teacher certification:

All of our graduates are endorsed by a YUJMU Certification backed by decades of teaching expertise.

YUJMU continue to uphold the highest standard for growing and empowering qualified, skilled Yin Yoga Teachers that meet the approval and safety needs of yoga studios.

YUJMU and TJ Maher are a Yoga Alliance continuing education provider [YACEP] and a registered 500RYT and 200ERYT.

yin yoga training

Yoga teacher training testimonials

TJ’s training empowered me to find more freedom in the ways I both practice and teach yin – Amy R
Through analogues, diagrams and a variety of other ways of explaining things, I left with more of an understanding and in some cases, the beginning of an understanding of certain aspects that never connected with me. – Teresa R

Being a school teacher your style was very clear to me. Honestly I have done a lot of trainings and yours was by far the best. – Jenny C

TJ cultivates a real sense of community in the trainings and encourages students to support one another and grow even after graduating from the course. – Amanda S

The comprehensiveness of the training not only enhanced my understanding but helped me to incorporate yin into my life. – Wendy

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the course has been truly life changing for me. – Sarah M

The YUJMU training I would definitely recommend it to friends. And in fact I already have. – Kathy M

We had a beautiful sharing circle each day where people felt comfortable enough to open up about their feelings and emotions. – Lisette H

Who this Yin Yoga teacher training is for:

A self development course, a teacher training course, or both. You choose.

This training provides all of the requirements to become a fully certified yin yoga teacher.

Don’t want to teach? You don’t have to be an aspiring teacher. This yin yoga teacher training course also suits non-teachers who want a richer understanding of their body and yoga practice. If you are curious about meridian channels (energy), anatomy, connective tissue, meditation, joints, yoga philosophy and more, you will love this yoga training course.

Learn To:

  • Enrich and explore your own Yin Yoga practice
  • Guide a Yin Yoga class
  • Develop and refine Yin Yoga sequences
  • Instruct private Yin Yoga sessions

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Dates & Costs – non-residential held at the Yoga Sanctuary

Friday, 21 February, Sunday, 1 March 2020

Earlybird rates until 31 November, 2019

$1,683 – single.
$3,200 – yin-mate (for you and a mate)

Pre-course until 20 February, 2020

$1,990 – single.
$3,840 – yin-mate (you and your mate)

$400 deposit that is non-refundable after 31 November, 2019

Last minute: $2,400 on the day

Pre-course Payment Plans

Payment plans starting November 2019
November $400 deposit (non refundable after 31 November) + 3 further monthly payments of $530
Contact Denise to set up a payment plan and secure your spot.

2020 Schedule

Week 1

Friday, 21st Feb, 2.30 – 8.30pm – {6 hours}
Saturday, 22 Feb, 12 – 3.30pm plus 5.30 – 8.30pm – {6.5 hours}
Sunday, 23 Feb, 12pm – 3.30pm plus 5.30 – 8.30pm –{6.5 hours}

Week 2

Monday, 24 Feb, 11am – 5pm – {6 hours}
Tuesday, 25 Feb, 11am – 5pm – {6 hours}
Wednesday,26 Feb, 11am – 1pm plus 2.30pm – 5pm {5.5 hours}
Thursday, 27 Feb, 11am – 5pm – {6 hours}
Friday, 28 Feb, 2.30 – 8.30pm – {6 hours}
Saturday, 29 Feb, 12pm – 3.30pm plus 5.30 – 8.30pm – {6.5 hours}
Sunday, 1 Mar, 12pm – 3.30pm plus 5.30 – 8.30pm –{6.5 hours}

61.5 contact hours 38.5 non contact hours (homework)

From our most recent training at Yoga Sanctuary…

The Yin Yoga training was excellent. Very thorough with a good mix of theory and practice. The studio was lovely. Isobel

Yin Nuance, The Tao of practicing and teaching Yin Yoga.
by TJ Maher

yin nuanceTo all my teachers and all beings. To live as mindfully and joyfully as I am able while sharing what I have learned is the best way that I can imagine to repay the many many teachings I have had in this blessed life.

May all benefit that come from my endeavours and this book be given to all beings, to release them from their suffering and guide them to realise their enlightenment.

“Like the ancient Tao Te Ching, written almost 2,500 years ago, the format of this book is accessible, easy to digest and a joy to read.” – Bernie Clark, author The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga.

“After reading this gem, I found myself leading my students in and out of ‘spacesuits’; exploring inner landscapes and playing with gravity. Prepare to step in and zip up for this nuance filled trip”  – Jessica Wolf, owner Wild Wolf’s Yoga Studio, Bristol UK.

Pick up from the studio only. We will post by request.