Yin Yoga Auckland

Our Yin Yoga Auckland classes are designed to reduce tightness, increase flexibility & change your body’s mobility. A relaxing class with no standing poses.

“Being new to yoga I have found that there are no expectations put on me to be able to perform certain poses. The instructors give options for each pose and are very welcoming and non judgemental.” Bridget

Find balance & increase mobility with Yin Yoga

Yin yoga classes are quiet, gentle and meditative, incorporating long held floor poses to nourish the joints and improve flexibility.

Yin yoga classes can also be very intense. The poses are held for extended periods of time to increase joint flexibility. And the use of props will help you reach deeper release.

Yin yoga is a powerful class that will make changes to the mobility of your body. Yoga experience is not required.

Is Yin Yoga right for you?

If you are super tight, this class is the ultimate way to increase flexibility.

If you are carrying injuries or overcoming illness, the use of props will support you as you heal or recover.

This is the class to relax, there will be no standing poses here!

The benefits of Yin Yoga

  • Improves flexibility and range of motion;
  • Releases fascia (the tough connective tissue wrapped around the body);
  • Improves the flow of chi (Chinese methodology) or prana (Indian methodology) by focussing on the meridians (or nadi’s) through the body;
  • Helps you to introspect during the longer held floor poses;
  • Teaches you how to slow down and helps you cultivate patience;
  • Can be a balancing practice for other sports (great for recovery days).

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a flat band of tough fibrous tissue below the skin that covers underlying tissues and encloses muscles. It wraps around your entire body, weaving around your muscle groups and organs to keep everything as one connected unit.

When areas of fascia become too tight, it can pull, distort and compress your body into misalignment. Tight and distorted fascia is often the cause of your chronic pain! When this occurs regular stretching won’t be enough.

Tight fascia can also negatively affect blood flow. Veins run through and beneath the fascia. If it is tough and tight, our blood flow is restricted, which limits the delivery of essential nutrients to that part of the body.

So you see healthy fascia is a healthy body!


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