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Yoga with Ange – Breath with ease, move with strength, leave with energy!

Yoga sessions with Ange offer a fusion of movement experience informed from her practice in TCM & Acupuncture, Qi Gong and somatic inquiry. She guides participants to find strength within ease, stillness within movement, to lightly sense the system deeply and inspires application of such to daily life.
Her accessible teaching facilitates a nurturing space to experience and connect with conscious and considered movement with breath. The intention is that you leave feeling relaxed, connected and revived!

About Ange

Ange is an acupuncturist (BHSc. – Traditional Chinese Medicine, Dip. Qi Gong) and experienced yoga practitioner; she started teaching 20 years ago while living and traveling from Japan in 2002. During her travel season of life she explored various yoga teachings which inspired her profoundly, from time in India, to studying Yin with Sarah Powers, Restorative with Judith Lasater, Vinyasa with Max Strom. The opportunity to do an advanced Hatha Yoga teacher training with Donna Farhi in Canada, 2006 is what attuned her to a deeply inquisitive practice that continues to nourish, emanate and evolve with life today. After living in Japan 4 years, she moved onto Beijing where she
set up a youth yoga programme (Karma Kids NY cert.) at international studio, Yoga Yard during the 08 Olympics.

Ange loves making holistic health knowledge and the variety of learning she has inquired accessible and in appreciation for how yoga has served her through the different seasons of life, she facilitates drawing on a fusion of styles to suit those present. Over the last 10 years, the restorative aspects of her yoga practice have supported her through pregnancy, home birth, post-natal recovery and the journey of mothering her 3 vibrant young girls!

In the past she has contributed to Yin Yoga teacher trainings for Simon Low offshore, facilitated the restorative yoga programs on Dr. Libby’s “Beautiful You” retreats in NZ and Australia. Currently she enjoys teaching yoga to youth on the Girls on Fire programme and lecturing at the NZSOA. The depth of her background allows her to effectively impart the benefits of Eastern medicine in her yoga sessions to empower
health in your hands. She facilitates her sessions from a place of empathy, experience and well educated expertise.

“Yoga is an occasion to renew and restore energy, a celebration of breath and movement in unity,” says Ange.

Breath with ease, move with strength, leave with energy!

Ange offers an accessible teaching style that facilitates a nurturing space to experience and connect with conscious and considered movement with breath. Experience a fusion of vinyasa flow and restoration informed from Ange’s practice in TCM & Acupuncture, Qi Gong and somatic inquiry.

  • Strength within ease
  • Stillness within movement
  • Sense into the system deeply

Be inspired to apply movement principals inquired and wellbeing tips given to daily life.
Leave feeling relaxed, connected and revived!

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Thursday 12.30-1.45pm Slow Flow

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