Juice Cleanse

The science of it

I became interested in juice cleanses after becoming intrigued by some articles by a Harvard scientist who studies longevity. According to the scientist Dr David Sinclair PhD A.O.

“When you fast, you turn on [these] defences. And that’s the reason I think they primarily work. It’s not that blood flows better or just that insulin sensitivity changes. You really are turning on every cell’s defences against DNA damage, toxins, everything that causes diseases. It seems that these defences have a way to slow down the negative effects.”

I’d heard about the benefits of doing a juice cleanse, but to be honest there are so many fads, gimmicks & false guru’s out there I didn’t pay much attention. Then I discovered this guy who simply points out the science backed evidence… they work. He also went on to say that ageing should be considered a curable disease. Hallelujah. I have similarly wondered if age isn’t as inevitable as we believe it is. Instead do we use it as an excuse to stop working as hard at our health? It takes a bit more work the older we get ( I get that ) so I guess it depends on how much you want it. If a juice cleanse every now again will help slow down getting old, I’m in.

Keeping it simple

Dr Sinclair also had the simplest yet best health suggestions I could ever read.
‘I think it’s reasonable to expect that we could make it to 100 or more if you: don’t smoke, eat less, eat the right foods, do some exercise, get sleep, don’t stress, and have some friends around. That gives you 14 years of extra life compared to someone who doesn’t do those things.’

I wonder if we over complicate health and longevity because it’s not always easy to make small changes and simplify our lives. So when my stomach cramped with the Bali Belly that was plaguing me, I thought it a great time to try a cleanse.

My juice cleanse

After a sleepless night, and no desire for my daily morning coffee, I gingerly meandered my way to Ubud Kitchen at the end of the street to stock up on juices. The ladies there let me sample each juice before I purchased. I chose my juices before wincing away doubled over in pain. Today was going to be a day where I would only ingest coconut water and brightly coloured fruit & vegetable juices. For lunch and dinner I was having vegan cauliflower soup from Tiga Canggu.

Every time I walked upstairs, or moved from a lounger into the pool, my tummy twisted and turned often doubling me over. As a result I was naturally committed to lazing around the villa and conserving my energy. So the timing being perfect, that I did. I rested, lazed around, wrote this blog and filled my time with the things that make my day joyful (other than eating).
I am at the very beginning of my juice fast exploration so I am not the expert. I’m very much enjoying being the student, documenting my experience and sharing it with you. How do I feel? Like crap, but that’s not from the fast, it’s from the sore tummy. I’ve ingested 1.5 litres of nutrient filled juices, I’ve found other ways to fill my day which didn’t involve energy expenditure or eating and I’m not hungry. I’m ready for bed now, hoping I’ll sleep well and awake feeling refreshed. Who knows, only time will tell.

note: a juice cleanse or fast may not be appropriate for everyone. if you have health issues, are pregnant or have an eating disorder consult your doctor first.