Do you have a cup of love?

An abundant love cup I grew up with my love cup overflowing. I had no conscious awareness of what it was to not be loved. What a gift! To take for granted that life would always supply me with an abundance of people to love. My physical & material health/ wealth were never an issue. I [...]

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The Breathwork High

For three years I breathed daily as a way to go into deeper meditation, but it was never ever like the times I stumbled upon a Breathwork class. Also known as Holotropic or Transformational Breathing, in each of the three classes that I’ve been to, the teacher described what was going to happen prior to [...]

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Booze, Men & Excess

“Stop drinking so much” my mother would say. “Find a stable relationship” everyone else in the world would say. But I knew, deep down that drinking and sex was working for me. For now. At the end of a day of inspiring others when I felt uninspired, that glass of wine was a relief that [...]

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How to be a Powerful Woman

At 45kg I was emaciated. A tiredness hung over me that I’d never felt and my heart was broken. An industry that I had poured my heart and soul into for six years was splintered. My house was on the market and I had very real threats of losing a business that was my sole [...]

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Manipura Chakra and the Thoracic Spine

I had a seriously interesting bodywork treatment a few weeks ago – recommended by fellow Yoga Sanctuary yogi Juan. I booked in to get Bowen Therapy on my back, which had been bothering me all year. Chiropractic, acupuncture and rest hadn’t worked so I was still searching for an answer. After the first treatment I [...]

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Do you have big emotions?

Emotions Those feelings & signals that tell us when situations and experiences are good or bad. When unbalanced, they can come in waves of energy which rise and fall in peaks & troughs. These waves lift us up, slam us down and take us on wild adventures. I’ve come to love my emotions and have [...]

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Four things you can do to be more spiritual that you might not have thought of.

A Sadhana is a personal spiritual practice and it is how we connect to something greater than ourselves. Through meditation and prayer (devotion), we recognise that there is more to life than material things. The more we connect to our world, the more important our personal sadhana often becomes. I rely on it to remain a conscious [...]

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