kristy meyer

Kristy Meyer

I came to yoga on my journey of self discovery and inner peace. I completed my teacher training in 2015 RYT200 and then fell in love with the slow, mindful practice of Yin. This lead to more indepth Yin Yoga teacher training with Yin Culture.
Yin Yoga is my passion and a medicine I love to share. I have experienced some deep shifts in my life through this beautiful practice. It brings me back to my centre, balances my energy and allows me to get out of my head and into the wisdom of my body and my heart space. It also allows me to be present and to move through this world with more grace and ease.

With a passion for Yin Yoga that transcends the physical practice, I strive to create a sacred and safe space where the nervous system is nourished, while mind, body and soul are united in harmony and balance.

I lead classes that encourage students to soften, surrender and let go, whilst cultivating mindfulness and reconnection to their inner world.
To teach others how to slow down, to let go and to listen to the wisdom of the body and whisperings of the heart is truly a blessing. To empower others with this deeply healing practice fills my heart. “We rise by lifting others”. (Robert Ingersoll)

‘Slow down, tune in, let go, wake up’. Nik Robson

kristy meyer pose