My Yin Yoga Love Affair

I found a blog the other day by Melanie Huser that reminded me very much of my personal experience of Yin Yoga. A self confessed Vinyasa junkie, in my earlier yoga years if someone said they love Yin Yoga, I'd politely smile and inwardly think they were just less motivated than me. I saw Vinyasa as [...]

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The Breathwork High

For three years I breathed daily as a way to go into deeper meditation, but it was never ever like the times I stumbled upon a Breathwork class. Also known as Holotropic or Transformational Breathing, in each of the three classes that I’ve been to, the teacher described what was going to happen prior to [...]

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How to be a Powerful Woman

At 45kg I was emaciated. A tiredness hung over me that I’d never felt and my heart was broken. An industry that I had poured my heart and soul into for six years was splintered. My house was on the market and I had very real threats of losing a business that was my sole [...]

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