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Sarah Hon

Sarah Hon offers classes that are flowing, embodied, and heart-felt – drawing on her roots in Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Embodied Flow. Her senior yoga teacher trainings were with done with Daniel Aaron at Radiantly Alive yoga school in Ubud, Bali.

Yoga with Sarah Hon

Sarah offers classes, workshops, retreats and trainings that are energetically balanced to help you to soften and tune in to your own inner truth and power. Each session is themed around a component of awareness and self-love – or if you prefer, a step on the yogic path of Awakening.

Sarah’s practices incorporate asana (yoga poses) and somatic movement to move this work into and through the physical body; breath-work to open the energy channels and activate prana (life-force); and meditation and visualisation to take this healing to the deeper layers of the psyche and emotional body.

Sarah’s asana style is quite flowy – a fusion the many different schools and styles that she has studied over her 20 years of practice. Her daily morning practice has always been, and continues to be, her cornerstone and guide on the path of Waking Up.

About Sarah Hon

Sarah is a Heart Warrior, a mama, and a yoga instructor. She is devoted to the path of Waking Up, and to the service and support of our Heart Warrior Tribe. 

“Sarah beautifully and skilfully blends the asanas, body awareness, witnessing the mind, visualisation, yogic breathing and meditation in her classes. The focus point is “heart centred” space that she creates and invites us to create in ourselves as we practice. She is very caring and makes sure that each of us is doing a safe yoga practice. Her strong meditation and years of yoga practice shines through her teaching in every class. After Sarah’s class I feel, have done an amazing full body work out and stretch and also gone deep into meditation and awareness practice. It is truly holistic. There is a big element of non-attachment in her. I have been to quite a few yoga classes from other teachers but Sarah’s way of teaching is very authentic in its essence and close to the source where it comes from – India. ” – Manasi

Sarah’s heart is filled with more gratitude than she can express for her beloved teachers, who have included Adele Kinghan, Jason Crandell, Dice Lida-Klein, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Sally Kempton, Susie Lever, Karuna Erikson, Katie Lane, Daniel Aaron, and Denise Ferguson.

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“Sarah has a mesmerising manner that is calm, graceful, clear and purposeful. She has a profound way of teaching the broader aspects of Yoga, and is able to explain philosophy in a way that students can easily relate to. Sarah’s classes challenge an experienced yogini and are appropriate for a beginner – and flow so smoothly that you don’t even notice where you are going. She seems to always say just what I need to hear. It might be an insight on self-judgement or it might be a reminder to drop my tailbone.”

Donna McKenzie

I wanted to say this to Sarah after her amazing class this morning, but it was so full that I didn’t get a chance, but these are along the lines of the words I wanted to say. I absolutely love Sarah’s yoga teaching style, she makes me feel strong and empowered. She knows everyone’s names and it’s so nice
to hear when you’re on the right track. The only issue I have is that Sarah’s classes never feel long enough, they feel like they go so fast because I’m enjoying every minute 🙂

Fliss Bax

Thanks for a lovely class today. You have a style that creates synergy between the physical practice, mind and heart, leaving me with thought provoking ideas. I feel like I come away having worked hard, but feeling refreshed and with new ideas to incorporate into my everyday life. Thank you Sarah!
Gina Damiano