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Sarah Hon

Sarah Hon offers classes that are flowing, embodied, and heart-felt – drawing on her roots in Vinyasa Flow, Iyengar Yoga, Anusara Yoga, and Embodied Flow. Her senior yoga teacher trainings were with done with Daniel Aaron at Radiantly Alive yoga school in Ubud, Bali.

Yoga with Sarah Hon

Sarah teaches passionate, challenging yoga classes and invites her students to look deeply into their own hearts and minds. Sarah holds a safe space for her students can open and transform.

A lover of flow, her classes have a vinyasa flair, which she balances with a nurturing awareness of healthful alignment. Plenty of inversions are peppered through her intermediate and advanced level classes.

About Sarah Hon

Sarah is a mama, a yogi, an empath, an INFJ, an inversion junkie, a devoted friend, an introvert, a lover of romance novels, a health-food nut, a warrior of the soul, and the heart centre of her little whanau.

Sarah was first drawn to yoga in her late teens, having never before felt connected to physical exercise or sport. Yoga became a sanctuary – a place to express and explore her own sensitive and introverted soul.

Then she discovered meditation, and her practice became a daily ritual of coming home, becoming grounded, feeling whole. It sustained her through a corporate career that never quite fit right.

It also helped her in early days of motherhood when her controlling tendencies manifested as stress and anxiety. Yoga and meditation were a constant source of sanctuary and illuminated the way home to herself.

Today, Sarah’s daily practice continues to be the cornerstone of her life. Over her twenty years of practice, she has studied Iyengar yoga, Astanga yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Anusara yoga and Embodied Flow Yoga, as well as Buddhist and Tantric meditation, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Sarah’s heart is filled with more gratitude than she can express for her beloved teachers, who have included Adele Kinghan, Jason Crandell, Dice Lida-Klein, Kathryn Budig, Elena Brower, Sally Kempton, Susie Lever, Karuna Erikson, Katie Lane, Daniel Aaron, and Denise Ferguson.

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Sunday 9 – 10.15am Vinyasa 2
Sunday 10.30 – 11.45am Vinyasa 1

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“Sarah has a mesmerising manner that is calm, graceful, clear and purposeful. She has a profound way of teaching the broader aspects of Yoga, and is able to explain philosophy in a way that students can easily relate to. Sarah’s classes challenge an experienced yogini and are appropriate for a beginner – and flow so smoothly that you don’t even notice where you are going. She seems to always say just what I need to hear. It might be an insight on self-judgement or it might be a reminder to drop my tailbone.”

Donna McKenzie

I wanted to say this to Sarah after her amazing class this morning, but it was so full that I didn’t get a chance, but these are along the lines of the words I wanted to say. I absolutely love Sarah’s yoga teaching style, she makes me feel strong and empowered. She knows everyone’s names and it’s so nice
to hear when you’re on the right track. The only issue I have is that Sarah’s classes never feel long enough, they feel like they go so fast because I’m enjoying every minute 🙂

Fliss Bax

Thanks for a lovely class today. You have a style that creates synergy between the physical practice, mind and heart, leaving me with thought provoking ideas. I feel like I come away having worked hard, but feeling refreshed and with new ideas to incorporate into my everyday life. Thank you Sarah!
Gina Damiano