Heal Your Body – Heal Your Mind

Yoga has always been a mental practice for me. Over the years, as my mind became clearer & calmer, my practice switched to a more physical one. I realised that the final stage to my attainment of inner peace, was the removal of any remaining pain or ill health within me. With healthy and happy [...]

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Vinyasa and the Lymphatic System

Did you know that the lymphatic system, which removes bacteria, germs and toxins from your body, doesn’t have a pump? Unlike blood that is pumped around your body by the beating heart, lymph relies on large muscular contractions for transportation. With lymph being transported between the muscles and the skin, it is these contractions [...]

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Natural Antioxidants & Yoga

You know about toxins. They’re those nasties that create free radicals which break down the healthy cells in our bodies. I’m in love with antioxidants, from my daily Co-Enzyme-Q10 (get the ubiquinol variety & eat it with healthy fats like nuts or an avocado), to my regular Vitamin C. Whether supplements actually help, we don't [...]

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