Embracing Winter

Nourishing Your Yoga Practice As the crisp chill of winter settles in, our bodies and minds naturally seek warmth, stillness, and introspection. In the practice of yoga, this season offers a unique opportunity to align our movements and intentions with the rhythms of nature. Here are ten enriching themes to infuse into your winter [...]

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Feminism, Attraction & Shiva Shakti

Shiva Shakti Shiva is a Hindu god commonly worshiped in yoga who represents destruction and creation. Shakti is the female counterpart who represents everything in this world that is alive. Understanding the Shiva Shakti archetypes can not only create more harmony within yourself, but it can create harmony, understanding, support and joy within your relationships [...]

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Kundalini Awakening Stages

Kundalini Awakening Stages. A woman messaged me a couple of weeks ago very worried about her son who was having a frightening Kundalini Awakening. I never got to speak to the son, however I sent the woman to the expertise of a trained teacher (my Guru). A true sceptic, I am dubious about all things [...]

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The Woman Who Loved Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga 2004 She is in her mid 20’s, reasonably healthy and strong. She loves to run along the Rio Grande near the home she shares with her guy. Hiking the mountains in the early morning brings her great joy. Out there, among the most beautiful wildflowers you’d ever see, she’d spot hyenas, skunks, chipmunks, [...]

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My Yin Yoga Love Affair

I found a blog the other day by Melanie Huser that reminded me very much of my personal experience of Yin Yoga. A self confessed Vinyasa junkie, in my earlier yoga years if someone said they love Yin Yoga, I'd politely smile and inwardly think they were just less motivated than me. I saw Vinyasa as [...]

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