is the vaccine safe

The tone of this blog changed dramatically over the course of 24 hours. I began wanting to hear both sides of the story to let readers make up their own mind. I asked myself the question, ‘is the vaccine safe’. As I dug deeper and learned more, my mind became made up.

I can find plenty of information suggesting that the vaccine has possible negative side effects, or is ineffective. No matter how hard I look, I cannot find information that confirms the vaccine has worse possible side affects than the antibiotics I take when sick. I haven’t yet found a piece that confirms the suggested alternative remedies will fight Covid at all, or giving the benefit of the doubt, faster or more efficiently than vaccinating our country. 

What I have found over and over again, is articles from doctors making claims that they can’t back up with evidence. I’ve also spoken to friends who are putting their personal preferences before what the country that they live in needs. These same people hate lockdown and will reconsider the safety of the vaccine when they’re ready (meaning when they want to travel). I suspect it’ll be safe enough for their veins when they want to buy the plane ticket. Is the vaccine safe? Apparently when the time is right it is.

I’ve found a group of NZ doctors against the vaccine that made some good points. One is a Doctor at the clinic where I am registered which uses both traditional medicine and natural remedies.

note: I use natural remedies to prevent chronic illness, maintain good health and repair my body from conventional medicine. I use conventional medicine, combined with natural remedies when I get sick. I believe there is a place for both.

New Zealand is in a state of chronic ill health, not because we are dying from Covid but because we are imprisoned by Covid.

These doctors who pose the question, ‘is the vaccine safe’ stress that the Pfizer vaccine, among all vaccines, has health risks. I agree that all vaccines and medicines come with health risks. The doctors go on to say that the vaccine isn’t necessary for every individual to fight Covid. I also agree with this.

My argument is that we aren’t individuals fighting Covid. We are a nation fighting it.

If there are natural remedies for the individual to fight Covid then would you consider that you could use the same remedies to fight any negative effects of the vaccine? If all goes well, us health nuts could even do our research from the cafe that we currently can’t go into. Better yet the airplane seat that is unavailable to us. Get the jab, deal with the unlikely side effects, and if you really are destroyed by it but truly believe in natural remedies, they’ll still be readily available to you to maintain your excellent health.

You’ll also know that natural remedies cost money (lots of it). The natural route takes tenacity, an unwavering belief in something that won’t necessary work immediately or thoroughly. Natural remedies work slowly and subtly over time, and sometimes they aren’t strong enough to work at all. 

What I am seeing is people doing nothing. Nothing at all. Hating lockdown while sitting on the fence as it happens over and over again. They want to travel, but they don’t want to be a part of the plan to make that happen. 

Like I said, I began by trying to make this blog balanced. A forum for discussion on why to vaccinate and why not to vaccinate. Is the vaccine safe? I still invite you to come at me with your opinion. I’m no longer confident that upon digging deeper I’ll change my mind, but I’m ready for you. I promise to read with an open mind. 

It’s just that upon looking at the ‘not vaccination’ side, I simply became tired and bored. For the life of me I couldn’t find anything to see how we will get on with our lives unvaccinated. 

As I tried to find proof that we were being duped, the media was censoring information and facts being withheld from us I found over and over again the minority groups couldn’t put their money where their mouths are. They didn’t have anything tangible to back up what they were saying. There was nothing being hidden from me with these guys. They just lacked factual information.

I began to trust the mainstream stuff more and more. I couldn’t find large reputable bodies saying these companies were corrupt, I couldn’t find lawsuits against them, and the exposed ‘lies’ were from sites and groups that were emotionally charged and one sided. 

I’ve had the jab so that I can travel again one day. I have been vaccinated so that my business can continue to offer services to our customers. I took the needle to help slow the spread of Covid-19. I lined up as my contribution to the end debilitating effects of lockdowns mentally, emotionally, physically and financially on our nation. 

I’m not a ‘sheep’, I don’t mindlessly follow the masses. I posed the question ‘is the vaccine safe’ and came to a conclusion after researching the origin of the articles that I read. I’m all about ‘pro choice’, (the latest buzz words), but I’m not about digging my toes in and cutting off my nose to spite my face. I see nothing being achieved, health wise or otherwise about refusing the jab.

No I don’t want a pat on the back, but I do want to understand if you are not getting the jab, why you chose not to. I invite you to comment for an open, frank and respectful discussion.

The only argument I have for you not getting the vaccine, is if you are genuinely fearful of irreversible effects and have seen proof that you are susceptible. You love lockdown, you have not been negatively affected financially and you never want to travel again. Also, you never take antibiotics, drink alcohol, take recreational drugs or eat junk food. Your body is a temple.

If not. Get the jab.