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Denise Ferguson

Denise Ferguson. Teaching yoga, practising yoga, and building a yoga business with integrity, professionalism and excellence are some of her greatest loves.

Yoga Retreats with Denise Ferguson

Join a yoga retreat with Denise which is carefully curated to give you an all inclusive experience of top notch yoga, healthy food and the great outdoors.

Her goal is that you get quality rest, feel refreshed and return home with renewed inspiration in your life.

Over the past decade, Denise has run regular retreats, refining them year after year to find the perfect mix of activity and rest. She runs retreats in Coromandel, NZ and Bali, Indonesia. She regularly has repeat customers.

About Denise Ferguson

In 2004, she fell in love with yoga as a result of attending a vinyasa class in Aspen Colorado.

Yoga has transformed her body / mind and both strengthened and softened her heart & soul.

She attributes her personal practice, meditation and continued study to overcome past anxiety. Her wild ways never stopped her from forging forward and she slowly transformed her life from upside down to the right way up.

Having been in the yoga business almost two decades, she has continuously evolved. She’s currently set aside her teacher hat, to make way for her own yoga practice which she has newly become re-devoted to.

Her daily behind the scenes work at Yoga Sanctuary focusses on the studio being run with impeccable organisation ensuring happy yoga teachers and happy clients.

Her goal is that her teachers love what they do and where they ‘work’. It is also important that her customers feel appreciated, get excellent value for their money and that everyone’s needs are being met at all times. She believes this is the key to a successful organisation.

“You are a naturally talented yoga teacher who can teach a class from novice to experienced AND altogether. I am so grateful to have you as my teacher.” Tina

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Throughout her 30’s she was a wild woman with a hunger to understand the meaning of life. She taught & practised yoga while rebelling against societies expectations of how a yogini should be. Yoga, meditation & wellbeing strengthened her heart/mind, gave solace when things were tough and helped her to conquer her challenges. Now she’s living the right way up more often than not. She teaches in and manages her yoga studio, the Yoga Sanctuary and applies the wisdom from her wild years to a healthier and happier life. Denise writes from the perspective of living, learning, failing and overcoming the many tests life threw her way. This is her personal account on health, happiness, love, success & yoga.

New to the Studio?

“Your insightful yoga teachings, and your comforting words were particularly powerful to the events happening in my life at present”.
Jill Guest
“You are a wonderful teacher Denise. I enjoy all that you have to say and how there is usually a good laugh thrown in too. Thank you so much for your kindness and generous spirit!”
Kristi Shaw