Fleur Blackall

FleurFleur found yoga in her early twenties, the beautiful Yoga Sanctuary being the first studio she stepped foot into and instantly fell in love with both the practice and the studio. Since then Fleur has completed trainings with Jayayoga (500hr), Embodied Flow (200hr) Bliss Baby Prenatal, Bliss Baby Postnatal and further training with Creature Yoga.

Yoga Influences: Vinyasa, Yin Balancing Practices, Woman’s focused yoga.

Fleur practices yoga as a means to reconnect back in with herself, body, mind and intentions. Yoga allows her to find balance in her life and move through her day with ease, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. Time on her mat allows her to be present with all that is, space to process, space to move and breathe, most importantly space to be me.

Being able to offer the gift of yoga to others is an absolute honour. She has seen the benefits of practicing yoga personally, thus wanting to share this with others came quite easily without question. Yoga is so much more than just the asana, she enjoy being able to offer a variety of different practices that can suit any body at any stage.

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Wednesdays, 6pm Yin