selina gilbertSelina Gilbert

Selina Gilbert is a dedicated yogini who shares her passion for positive lifestyle and wellbeing with her students. Selina is a vinaysa yoga instructor.

Yoga with Selina Gilbert

A dedicated yogini, Selina is committed to sharing her passion for positive lifestyle and wellbeing with her students.

About Selina Gilbert

Selina began practising yoga with her mum when she was 15. After a few years of casual practice, she tried a power yoga class with a friend and felt immediate connection.

This connection grew deeper when she observed the valuable and enriching effects in her life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a result of this, Selina went on to complete a 2-year apprenticeship comprising 2,000 hours of intensive training which resulted in registration as a RYA500 in 2009.

In January 2014, she gained accreditation as an an ERYA200 yoga teacher. This accreditation requires at least 2000 documented hours of teaching and experience and completion of a 200-hour training programme.

Once registered, an ERYT-200 hour yoga teacher is able to present continuing education programs, seminars, workshops, mentorship programs, retreats to other teachers and can be a director or principal instructor of a 200-hour teacher training programme.

Other areas of experience are teaching private classes, as well as kids and teenagers (qualified PLAY Children’s Yoga Teacher), she is also a current lululemon ambassador.

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Sunday 4 – 5.15pm Vinyasa 1

Wednesday 6.30 – 7.30am Vinyasa

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