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Simone Lawry

Simone Lawry is passionate about movement of the body and stillness of the mind. She has taught yoga since 2009 and is one of our vinyasa yoga instructors.

About Simone Lawry

Simone (Simmy) is passionate about movement of the body & stillness of the mind. With her strong practice and teachings of yoga which began in 2009, she empowers her students with confidence & a sense of purpose and wellbeing.

She aims to provide a safe and nurturing environment for self discovery on & off the mat.

She believes yoga and meditation are essential in our daily lives… to help facilitate our fast-paced modern lifestyles. To create balance & harmony in Your Life!

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Sunday 9am Vinyasa 1

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Simmy Simmy

Simmy has the kind of voice, direction and encouragement you want when you practice. Her pearls of wisdom and connection to her own practice only encouraged me more. Thanks Simmy for enlightening me after each session!

Mother of three, owner of Interior Design Company

Approximately 18 months ago a very good friend of mine Simone talked me into trying a yoga class. I was in a stressful job and overweight and hence not in a particularly healthy place. Thanks to Simone’s encouragement I persevered with the classes as well as doing hot Pilates on a regular basis. Yoga and Pilates now form part of my life to which I commit 1 hour per day every day to doing at least 1 class. I am now 20 kgs lighter than I was 18 months ago and also am in a healthier frame of mind. Thanks Simone…

Father of four, Managing Director of Masaratii dealership