Vinyasa Yoga Auckland

Our Vinyasa Yoga Auckland classes are flowing sequences of yoga poses and rhythmic breathing to music. Experience the best Vinyasa Yoga.

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About our Vinyasa Yoga Auckland classes

Our vinyasa yoga classes are creative and flowing sequences of yoga poses linked by steady rhythmic breathing and practiced to music.

Sequenced poses

Vinyasa translates (loosely) as “to arrange in a special way” meaning that poses are often intelligently sequenced to achieve a specific goal within the class.

Deep breathing

With deep breathing, you will learn to utilise the entirety of the lung capacity. This increases Prana (vital life force) so that you leave with a feeling of elation.

Dance like

It’s also very dance like, with the music, flowing and connected poses and special sequences.

Why we love vinyasa yoga

There is something about a vinyasa yoga class that leaves you with a ‘what just happened’ feeling.

The journey from meditation, to warm up which builds you to a delicious peak and then winds you all the way back down to a well deserved rest is something difficult to describe.

The continuous flow of movements help you to stay present during class, the perfect antidote when you’ve got lots on your mind.

Vinyasa yoga movements stretch and move you in a myriad of ways that balance, tone & realign your body.

It’s the practice for true lovers of movement, energy & music.

  • Level 1
    Open to all levels.  No yoga experience necessary.
  • Level 2
    Yoga experience recommended.

“Great, friendly and accommodating. Encouraging.” Jay

Is vinyasa yoga right for you?

  • Vinyasa yoga is the class to move, breathe and sweat as well as develop strength and flexibility. Although the long term benefits of all yoga classes are to relax the body, this is where we’ll throw in the challenges.
  • Beginner? Don’t worry! That’s what level 1 classes are for, you’ve got to start somewhere right? You will need a basic level of physical ability, and we’ll guide you into it slowly but suggest that you get in touch with us first if you are unsure.
  • If your mind wanders in slower styles of yoga, then the concentration required in a vinyasa yoga class will help you to calm a busy wandering mind.
  • From teacher to teacher, classes vary a lot – it’ll all about personality, so try many before you settle with your fav’s. Think variety, creativity, fun, music, movement, challenge, energy & anything goes. You’ll never get bored.
  • If you have injuries, are pregnant or have specific requirements, then consult us before trying a vinyasa yoga class.
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Vinyasa yoga & the lymphatic system

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